I didn’t know you did that!

Did you know FPS has a range of 21 gear change rods and 6 gear lever bush kits?


Gear change rods and gear lever bush kits are available in both plastic and metal, depending on the OE specification. The gear change rods are typically supplied as a narrow gauge rod with either a bushed end or an open knuckle joint that gets worn out with age. Gear change rods can be 2 or even 3 different types or lengths on the same vehicle, while, on most vehicle applications, only a single gear lever bush kit is required per vehicle.


The gear change rods are usually fitted externally, between the gear box casing and the gear lever, transmitting the movement of the lever to the selector shaft in the gear box. The gear lever bush kit is more commonly fitted at the base of the gear lever itself.

Reasons for failure

Over time, the bushed ends or knuckle joints wear. This is particularly evident on French-manufactured vehicles, where the system contains more parts, which increases the possibility of failure. Symptoms can include a difficulty in selecting gears when the gear lever becomes floppy or loose. Failure or disconnection of the gear change rod will result in the inability to engage or disengage a gear, even though the lever moves inside the car. Seizure of a knuckle joint, while less common, will result in difficulty in engaging the gear or the lever being excessively stiff. A worn gear lever will exhibit similar symptoms to a worn gear change rod, but is often highlighted by excessive free play before the resistance of moving the gear change rod can be detected.


The gear change rods are usually easy to reach, but can be a bit fiddly to replace. The gear lever bush kits are pretty accessible.

Product Highlights


All parts are available through FPS on same/next-day delivery.