FPS Van Fleet

How We’re Lowering Our Carbon Footprint

FPS vans are not just green on the outside. Find out how we’re working on reducing our carbon footprint with a growing fleet of efficient vehicles and careful route planning.

At FPS we are committed to helping protect the environment. With the nature of the logistics  industry, we appreciate that lowering our carbon footprint is an important consideration. In addressing our carbon footprint, we are playing our part in helping to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases throughout the UK.

One area of focus for us is our 320-strong fleet of FPS delivery vans. Our instantly recognisable, mint-green vans are on the road every day, making sure we can fulfil our same- and next-day delivery promises to our customers, so it’s vital that they are not just green on the outside.


Employing the latest, environmentally-friendly technology

Our fleet of vans is replaced on a rolling two-year basis. This allows us to make use of the latest environmentally-friendly developments and features, such as start/stop technology and engines that comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard.

Start/stop technology automatically shuts down and restarts the vehicle’s internal combustion engine. This helps to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions by minimising the time the engine is in idle.

Euro 6-compliant engines were first introduced to the roads in September 2014. With our policy of updating our fleet every two years, all FPS vans currently in operation that deliver to our customers are now compliant with this latest emissions standard.

Lowering our carbon footprint with more capacity, not more vehicles

Our business is constantly growing to meet the needs of all our customers, so as the demand for stock increases, so does the amount of stock we need to hold and deliver around the country. Rather than putting more vans on the road to accommodate this growth, we are increasing the size of the vans we use as part of our fleet’s replacement schedule. This will allow us to provide the additional capacity to meet our customers’ needs into the future, while keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.

In 2017, the capacity of our fleet increased by around 250 m3, primarily thanks to the arrival of 148 VW Transporter vans at the end of the year. As a result, we are able maintain the frequency and speed of deliveries to our customers, while minimising our impact on the environment. However, we don’t just stop with our vans. Our seven articulated lorries now feature the latest lorry trailers with the new teardrop design. This provides optimum capacity and allows us to carry more stock without increasing our fuel consumption. This year alone our lorry capacity has increased by 17% to help accommodate the increased demand we have experienced, with no increase in fuel consumption.

We ensure that we get the best possible fuel efficiency by running our HGVs at night. This means that the long journeys our lorries do are less stop-start due to the reduced amount of traffic on the roads overnight. Overall, it is estimated that our lorries achieve over 2 mpg more by travelling at night than if they were on the roads during the day.

FPS Lorry Sheffield NDC

Careful route planning

We also carefully plan the routes that our drivers follow, whether they are distributing stock to our network of regional distribution centres or delivering to customers from each RDC.

This means that our deliveries arrive with customers in the quickest and most efficient way. Our lorry drivers are also able to collect from suppliers on the way back to our National Distribution Centre in Sheffield, therefore minimising empty runs and saving on unnecessary deliveries.

In addition to thinking carefully about the routes our vans and HGVs use, we have also developed good relationships with our suppliers with regards to the use of reusable plastic pallets. Our suppliers have really embraced our processes, helping us to be much more efficient with regards to the use of both space and resources. We have therefore been able to keep the amount of waste to a minimum and these close relationships are a great example of how we have developed green-thinking partnerships with our suppliers.

We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking, dynamic logistics business and we believe that helping to protect the environment is of great importance. By implementing measures such as these, we hope that we are playing our part in creating a cleaner place to live.


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