HGV Fuel Economy

Improving HGV Fuel Economy with High Performance Engine Oils from Comma

HGV fuel expenditure accounts for 30% of fleet operating costs. Comma highlights the importance of using OEM-approved engine oils to improve HGV fuel economy.

With increasingly stringent emission regulations for diesel engines, vehicle manufacturers have to continually review and make design changes to accommodate legislative and consumer demands. Today, engine oils for HGVs are also evolving towards high performance, low viscosity, semi and fully synthetic engine oils that are more commonly associated with passenger vehicles.

HGV Operating Costs

Fuel expenditure accounts for an estimated 30% of total HGV fleet operating costs. Combined with the drive to improve fuel economy and maintain lubricant integrity between long drain intervals, demands being made on modern HGV engines continue to escalate.

This has created the need for a wider range of specifications and products to choose from. In turn, the process of selecting the right oil for any given vehicle has become more complicated. The consequences of choosing the wrong oil has become more expensive than ever.

TransFlow HGV Engine Oils

Comma responds to that challenge head-on with its comprehensive range of TransFlow HGV engine oils. Formulated to meet and exceed the latest European emissions regulations, TransFlow engine oils improve fuel economy, enable and sustain long drain intervals while handling the most demanding operating conditions.

The result is a portfolio of rugged, manufacturer-approved ACEA and API compliant specifications for heavy-duty Cummins, DAF, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Volvo engines. Every recommended product application in the TransFlow range is covered by Comma’s unique 100% Compatibility Guarantee.

The range of Comma TransFlow oils is an ideal springboard for motor factors to venture into catering for the ever expanding HGV, bus and coach markets. Comma TransFlow oils are low SAPS and are available in fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and advanced mineral grades to accommodate lubricant requirements for commercial vehicle engines with pack sizes of 5 or 20 litres*.

*Pack sizes vary depending on oil grade.

The TransFlow Range is available as follows:

  • FE 5W-30, 20 litre (TFFE20L)
  • ML 10W-30, 20 litre (TFML20L)
  • GX 15W-40, 5 litre (TFGX5L), 20 litre (TFGX20L)
  • SD 15W-40, 5 litre (TFSD5L), 20 litre (TFSD20L)
  • UD 10W-40, 5 litre (TFUD5L), 20 litre (TFUD20L)
  • AD 10W-40, 5 litre (TFAD5L), 20 litre (TFAD20L)
  • LX 15W-40, 5 litre (TFLX5L), 20 litre (TFLX20L)
  • XP 20W-50, 5 litre (TFXP5L), 20 litre (TFXP20L)

Comma TransFlow HGV engine oils are available from FPS through the F:Drive via Maintenance and Accessories>Maintenance>Oils & Additives>Oils Engine.

HGV Fuel Economy

For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.


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