fan resistor

Heater fan resistor range expansion

FPS stocks over 65 different heater fan resistors across the Valeo and Behr Hella ranges, along with some ‘dealer only’ Vauxhall specific parts.

Heater resistors contain controls that determine air settings. If the airflow exceeds a predetermined amount, the heater resistor reduces airflow through the vents via wire coils. Each coil is responsible for one particular speed setting: thinner coils correspond to higher air settings and offer the least resistance or the least opposition to the flow of electric current; this allows the blower fan to rotate faster. Thicker coils, on the other hand, correspond to lower air settings and force the fan to rotate more slowly.

If the heater resistor fails, the interior blower motor only functions at its highest speed and cannot decelerate; replacing the resistor typically corrects this problem.

Overheating is the main cause of failure; the mechanical resistance to the motor rotation can cause excessive current that can overheat and prematurely damage the resistor, for example, when the fan blade is jammed by an object or when the motor bearings are worn out.

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