GS Start/Stop Technology

More is required from a Start/Stop battery when compared to conventional batteries due to increasing electrical requirements.

The GS AGM and EFB batteries are designed for around 250,000 more starts than conventional batteries; the technology meets the EU legal requirements to reduce CO2 emissions, one of the main motivations of Start/Stop systems.

Benefits of Start/Stop technologies:
•    Battery pack operates under higher pressures.
•    Extended operation in lower states of charge.
•    Improved cycle life to support the vehicle’s electrical system, when the vehicle is stopped and the alternator is not charging.

•    for high specification Start/Stop vehicles
•    up to 360,000 starts
•    ‘Absorbed Glass Mat’ construction – no free acid
•    totally maintenance free – zero water consumption
•    4 year warranty.

•    for lower specification Start/Stop vehicles
•    up to 270,000 starts
•    sealed tip/tilt double lid reduces water loss by 30%
•    4 year warranty.



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