GS Automotive Batteries

GS Automotive Batteries Revitalised

GS Automotive batteries feature new case designs and fresh livery with their superior performance.

GS Yuasa has supplied power solutions at every cornerstone of automotive technology for over 100 years. The latest revitalisation of the GS Automotive battery range continues to deliver superior performance and good value to motorists in the UK.

The Power of Three

GS has streamlined their automotive batteries into three ranges – SMF, EFB and AGM. With new case designs that allows quick and clear identification, this simplifies the selection process whilst providing the excellent coverage for the UK car parc.

GS SMF Battery


Sealed Maintenance-Free

Designed for standard ignition cars and light vans, the GS SMF battery provides up to 40,000 vehicle starts and is designed to have a sealed, maintenance-free lid. Without the need for water top-ups, SMF batteries can be used in any orientation. They are fitted with Calcium/Calcium (CaCa) plates and a State of Charge Indicator (SOCI). Easily identifiable with the blue and grey colourway, GS SMF batteries come with an integrated carrying handle and flame arrestor.

There are also 4 Maintenance Free (MF) batteries that feature open vented lids without the carrying handles.

GS EFB Battery


Enhanced Flooded Battery

EFB technology is now factory-fitted to numerous micro-hybrid and entry level Start-Stop vehicles. Providing approximately 270,000 starts, GS EFB batteries afford high-cyclic durability and dynamic charge acceptance.

Lead-acid batteries tend to lose their ability to accept a charge if left discharged for too long. This is due to the crystallisation of the plates, known as sulphation. GS EFB batteries come with anti-sulphation technology and carbon/lithium plate additives to ensure a long service life and increased cranking power.

The sealed tip/tilt double lid is VDA roll-over test compliant, reduces water loss by up to 30% and features an integrated flame arrestor.

GS AGM Battery


Absorbent Glass Mat

The absorbent glass mats in AGM batteries absorb battery acid within the unit to enable a more efficient use of the cells’ volume without the need for electrolyte reservoirs.

Engineered to meet the growing, extreme power demands of high specification Start-Stop vehicles that are entering the UK aftermarket, GS AGM batteries deliver approximately 360,000 starts while offering high cyclic durability and improved dynamic charge acceptance.

Looking Up The Right GS Automotive Batteries

The new GS automotive battery range is supported by a comprehensive trade battery lookup site, Based on GS Yuasa’s industry leading online battery lookup, the system is one of the fastest and most accurate battery finder available, providing users with the correct battery and detailed fitting information.

The new GS batteries will be available from FPS via same/next-day delivery from FPS via the F:Drive and MAM Autocat. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.