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Protect Margin and Quality Levels with Great Value Friction Parts from Fahren

Aftermarket supplier Fahren outlines why it is the best bet for quality friction parts in the fast-moving segment.

The aftermarket is currently flooded with a bewildering array of braking parts; a recent study has identified close to 60 brands within the UK*. Garages are now inching towards entry-level products in search of better profit margins, due to the increasingly regulated spending power of vehicle owners. This has established the need for fast-moving braking parts to address an ever-evolving Pareto across all vehicle segments.

Whilst the requirement of such a product is established, many brands flooding the aftermarket and offering affordable products are associated with quality issues such as squealing and harshness. Braking parts are safety-critical and so, quality irrespective of price point should be the driving factor behind the choice of replacement pads and shoes. Launched in 2013, Fahren offers a short range of OE quality, fast-moving references and affords a strong aftermarket portfolio within the price point.

(*source: CAT magazine)

A Great Opportunity

Distributed exclusively by FPS, Fahren presents factors the opportunity to carry optimum stock and yet respond to their customers’ demand quickly, resulting in an efficient stock turnover and better cash flow.

Furthermore, the logistic support from FPS affords same/next-day replenishment for the full range, placing Fahren on a stronger footing than other affordable brands. While most brands supplying affordable parts to the aftermarket lack the aesthetics related to a professional proposition, Fahren’s eye-catching packaging offers a distinctive on-shelf presence compared to its competition.

Quality For Less

In spite of addressing the fast-moving segment, Fahren understands the criticality associated with the quality and build of braking components.

All Fahren parts:

  • undergo stringent testing and quality checks throughout the production lifecycle
  • meet OE specifications
  • are ECE R90 compliant where required
  • are antimony, lead and Cr6+ free
  • offer 1 year/12,000 mile warranty, whichever comes first

Fahren also ensures that as well as its labels being fully compliant with R90 they double up as a cross-referencing tool, listing the 5 main braking brands (shown above). All warranty claims are serviced by FPS’ online warranty module; however, Fahren’s OE quality assurance has resulted in extremely low warranty returns.

Stock Profile

Fahren has a slim and concise stock profile, consisting of:

  • 213 brake pads, covering 24m vehicles in the UK
  • 39 brake shoes, covering 7.7m vehicles in the UK

Continued Range Development

An on-going programme of proactively listening to the demands of the market and refreshing the range ensures that the Fahren portfolio remains up-to-date. Addressing the decline in sales on specific references, Fahren will see the replacement of 10 brake pads with new-to-range parts in May 2016, all of which will be available the same day across the FPS branch network.

Highlights include:

  • FBP0221: Kia Sportage 1.7 CRDi (11/2010>)
  • FBP0223: BMW 320d 2.0 E90 (08/2007-12/2011)
  • FBP0224: Vauxhall Vivaro 1.6 CDTI X82 (08/2014>)

These parts account for the emerging high-volume applications, where the requirement of entry-level parts have been identified, while covering the whole span of vehicles, from small city cars and luxury German marques to high-mileage LCVs.

All parts will be fully catalogued on MAM Autocat+ and the F:Drive, including cross-references against market-leading braking programmes. Speak to your local FPS representative and ensure you reap the benefits of this competitive, fast-moving range of braking parts.