Granville Range Update

Granville sheds light on their improved range offering to better serve the automotive industry.

Granville have made the tough decision to discontinue the Hypalube EVO 5W/30 line in favour of a more specific Hypalube range. Combined with the Fully Synthetic (FS) range, Granville continues to offer a comprehensive catalogue of suitable-for-use specifications that are required by most of the UK car parc.


What happened to Hypalube EVO?

Granville Hypalube EVO 5W/30 was a fully synthetic engine oil designed to provide maximum protection for modern engines requiring a low SAPS lubricant. This meant that its strength was in its versatility and ability to cover multiple specifications. However, like the rest of the motor industry, Granville recognises the need to develop products that cater for the diverse needs of modern vehicles with improved emission and soot controls. Thus, Hypalube EVO 5W/30 is no longer sustainable as a multi-application product.


What’s happening to Hypalube?

To continue to serve their customers to the high standards they expect, Granville has expanded their range of Hypalube range of engine oils to feature individual products to better match specific requirements.

These new lines include:

diagram explaining hypalube split

Available Now

Hypalube C2/C3 5W/30 is the latest addition to FPS’ Hypalube range and is now available in both a 1 litre and 5 litre bottle from FPS for same/next-day delivery. It is particularly suitable for use in vehicles with exhaust after-treatment devices. Hypalube VL 5W/30 and Hypalube LL 5W/30 were introduced earlier this year and are also available from FPS in 1 and 5 litre bottles. For more details please see the F:Drive or speak to your local FPS representative.

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