Glyco Bearings ND45

Glyco Bearings for Stop-start and Hybrid Engines

Glyco bearings are built to handle the tougher conditions of modern engines.

Whilst engines today are becoming more environmentally friendly, modern bearings carry the brunt of heavy loads and higher temperatures of automatic stop-start and hybrid engines. Glyco has vast experience in designing and manufacturing OE-quality bearings. It’s this experience that makes Glyco bearings well suited to withstand the challenges of all engine environments.

Advanced metallurgy and high-quality specifications helped create the Glyco Sputter Bearing which has twice the service life of conventional bearings. Glyco also developed Glyco G-188 – the first intelligent bearing material – and launched the first, full lead-free bearing portfolio.

Glyco’s innovative and highly durable Glyco IROX® bearing shell has been specifically designed to handle the conditions in hybrid, stop-start and downsized engines.

The Glyco range now comprises more than 2,500 bearings, including main, flanged and conrod. The range supports over 10,000 engine applications. Glyco bearings are catalogued on MAM Autocat. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.