Get ready for Winter with GS Batteries

Batteries are the classic winter distress product as cold weather causes many to fail. With their OE heritage and 99% parc coverage, GS batteries offer a high quality, comprehensive range at a very competitive price.

September is traditionally the time that factors begin to stock up for the winter months, and GS stock packs are a great solution for stockists. Stockists get additional terms, and new stockists receive an extra discount on their first order. Promotional support is also available to help promote the brand.

Top Tips

How to compare batteries
Not all batteries are the same – so how can you be sure that your getting the best value for money when buying batteries.

  1. Check the Cold Cranking Performance (CCA)
    The CCA measures the starting performance of the battery. The higher the CCA, the easier it will be to start the vehicle. GS automotive batteries provide:

    • TITAN – Up to 30% more starting power than conventional batteries
    • TITAN AGM – Typically 49% more starting power than conventional batteries
    • TRADITIONAL & HERCULES – Calcium Hybrid Technology gives superior performance compared to other lead-acid batteries and approximately 10% more CCA than Silver-Calcium batteries
  2. Look at the warranty
    A good warranty is a sign of a good battery, so it’s worth considering the warranty offered on the battery. GS automotive batteries come with 2, 3 and 4 year warranties*
    * Leisure and Marine batteries come with a 1 year warranty


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