Portwest's Work Wear Range

Get Geared Up this Winter with Portwest’s Work Wear Range

With winter on it’s way, now is the time to explore winter work wear options and capitalise on this growing market.

The UK’s growing protective work wear market

The UK is the largest market for work wear in the European Union. UK businesses spend millions of pounds each year and due to legal requirements for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and protective work wear under certain conditions, the work wear market is still developing.

The 1992 personal protective equipment at work regulation requires many aspects to be considered, to ensure that the correct clothing is chosen for a particular task. Therefore the choice of protective clothing should take into account adverse weather climates and darker conditions. Employers must assess and review the provision and suitability of PPE. If PPE is required, employers must provide their staff with suitable PPE, free of charge, to ensure their safety is maintained at all times.

In addition to legislation, also driving the market is the extreme weather conditions which have been experienced over recent years. Consequently, this has proven to be a great sales opportunity for factors during the winter months as there is a demand for work wear which is fashionable, comfortable and safe, which is also able to withstand extreme winter conditions.

The Portwest range

Portwest has been designing and manufacturing protective work wear, safety footwear, gloves and PPE since 1904. In range, you will find clothing to suit varying working conditions, including eye and ear protection, as well as high visibility clothing which complies with EN471.

All Portwest jackets adhere to EN343 (EN343 is the safety standard that defines the requirements for the performance of clothing in wet environments). This is achieved through the use of high quality, lightweight fabrics, which keep heat in and water out – as used in their Arbroath Breathable jacket range.

Safety footwear is an essential part of PPE, even more so when the weather gets cold and wet. Portwest has a range of safety shoes that are waterproof, impact resistant and insulated for comfort and safety. Anti-slip traction aids ensure that the wearer is comfortable and prepared for icy conditions. Furthermore, an industry first from Portwest is thermal rated socks, designed for comfort and impact resistance.

Also available is a range of gloves and woolly hats. Gloves are a concern for manual dexterity. Portwest gloves comply with EN511 (this standard determines protection up to -40 degrees). These gloves are manufactured using innovative materials and liners such as acrylic and latex, which are lightweight and maintain a high level of dexterity.

To help your customers comply with the legal work wear requirements, and keep their employees safe, make sure you provide them with a quality work wear range and invest in the Portwest. Available from FPS for next-day delivery, the range is not only suitable for sell-on but also personal use. Speak to your local FPS representative to find out more about the range or visit the F:Drive today and search ‘Portwest’.


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