Gates produces its 5 millionth PowerGrip® Kit

This June, Gates is set to celebrate the production of its 5 millionth PowerGrip® Kit at its kit assembly operation in Legnica, Poland – an impressive achievement since the installation of the state-of-the-art kit assembly line in 2011.

Following the opening of a new production plant for OE and aftermarket tensioners in Izmir, Turkey, the kit assembly operation was the next logical step for Gates as a renowned OE timing belt manufacturer.  Since this introduction, the Polish site now houses several assembly lines on which most of the timing belt kits for the European aftermarket are assembled, the most recent assembly line being installed in December 2012, dedicated to the growing demand of PowerGrip® Kits Plus Water Pump for the replacement market.

PowerGrip® Kit Assembly Line
PowerGrip® Kit Assembly Line

Gates PowerGrip® Kits – the complete SBDS solution

First introduced into the automotive aftermarket twenty years ago, Gates PowerGrip® timing belt kits have been an effective solution for mechanics looking to replace belts, idlers and tensioners during one fitment.  Gates now offers the most comprehensive timing belt kit range for the aftermarket, providing coverage for 99% of the European car parc, including petrol and diesel engines for Asian, European and American models.

Since then, Gates has continued to further expand its range and invest in product innovation and additional customer support. This expansion includes the development of Gates PowerGrip® Kits Plus Water Pump, which includes all the parts required for a complete overhaul of the timing belt system.  This may include one or more timing belts, tensioner(s), idler(s), necessary accessories, specific installation instructions, and an application-specific water pump, all of guaranteed original equipment (OE) quality.

By taking full control over both the production and assembly process of PowerGrip® Kits, Gates has established itself as a true timing belt system specialist – a supplier delivering complete system components that fit and perform like original equipment.

Change all system components at the same time

As the timing belt is a highly critical element in the drive system and driver safety, it is better not to take risks – always install Gates PowerGrip® Kits to ensure genuine OE performance, with all components designed and engineered to function perfectly together.

Choosing to fit a Gates kit over individual components, whether it be a timing belt or Micro-V® kit, has many benefits for both the motor factor and garage alike:

  • Complete system overhaul in one box
  • OE quality components guaranteed
  • Reduced warranty risk – matched parts ensure all components work together perfectly providing reduced warranty risk
  • Cost + time benefits: labour is saved by completing the job on one occasion
  • Save time sourcing parts – there is only one part number to purchase
  • Simplified warranty process – as all components are supplied in one kit, any warranty claims will be dealt with swiftly by Gates without the need for multiple investigations
  • Maintain a good reputation – replacing all system components optimises the life of the belt, as well as the related components – failure to replace the various pulleys can reduce the belt drive system by as much as 75%


Get the complete package with Gates

A range of professional engine-specific timing tools, as well as a full range of general tools, have been developed by Gates to support mechanics during kit installation. Gates also provides the most complete and up-to-date application catalogue on the market, available printed and online, to guide the mechanics in their component selection.

Check out Gates’ full automotive replacement range here, all available through FPS.


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