Gates Power Clean Flush Tool

Gates introduces an essential tool for effective cooling system servicing.

Gates has added a new specialist tool to its range for in-depth cleaning of vehicle cooling systems: the Gates Power Clean™ Flush Tool. The tool is universal, with one part number for any car make or model (part no. 91002). Cooling systems can be difficult to flush completely, especially if there is a severe accumulation of debris but Gates Power Clean™ Flush Tool remedies this problem with ease and efficiency every time.

Enhanced Service

It is important to periodically flush the complete cooling system including the radiator, engine block and heater core. A complete flush is also critical before changing cooling system service parts. During vehicle services, it is more likely that only the radiator will be flushed, rather than the whole system.

Gates recommends full flushes as best practice, urging garages to simplify and enhance the current process with the Gates Power Clean™ Flush Tool, which minimises further complications from dirt and debris entering and damaging the system. A simple hose pipe flush is not adequate to clean the system, especially if the coolant and oil have mixed, or there is an accumulation of debris in the system. Damage to other parts in the system, premature failure of a newly installed component and voided manufacturer warranty can occur from inadequate flushing of the cooling system.

How it Works

The Gates Power Clean™ Flush Tool “water hammers” accumulated sludge and scale deposits without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. Pulsating technology ensures a complete and thorough system flush, eliminating problems technicians usually face when attempting a thorough clean of cooling systems, as well as radiators, heat exchangers, hoses and engine blocks. Where a blockage is encountered, the tool automatically regulates the pressure to a safer level, to prevent the possibility of damaging the system.

The Cooling System

A vital part of the system is the cooling agent. This “fluid connection” between the cooling system components not only protects the engine from extreme temperatures, it protects the cooling system from rust and corrosion. With time, the additives in the coolant become depleted. If the coolant gets contaminated with traces of oil, dirt and other harmful particles, for example, it loses its effectiveness.

When changing the water pump, if the coolant is contaminated with debris and enters the seal pack, this will prevent correct sealing which can affect warranty. Any debris present could also damage the impeller on a newly installed water pump. One way to prevent this is to completely flush the system with the effective Gates Power Clean™ Flush Tool. The efficient, professional results are unbeatable and provide a thorough and reliable outcome.


Gates Power CleanTM Flush Tool:
• maintains system integrity;
• ensures warranty coverage on replacement parts, including water pumps;
• provides a complete set of tips and connectors to be used on radiator necks, engine blocks and heater core tubes;
• offers an alternative way to provide complete care for cooling systems of any vehicle make and model, thereby reducing warranty claims.

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