Think Outside the Toolbox with Gates PIC Gauge App

Discover a new approach to multi-ribbed belt diagnostics with a new smartphone app innovation, Gates PIC Gauge App.

Gates PIC Gauge App is a free, easy-to-use smartphone application that accurately and reliably evaluates belt wear. It is the first digital tool available, designed for professional technicians to accurately diagnose multi-ribbed belt wear.

As multi-ribbed belts age, they gradually lose rubber material. This material loss results in weakened belt performance. If a multi-ribbed belt fails, it could damage other accessory belt drive components and potentially impede driver safety.

Gates PIC Gauge App allows mechanics to quickly determine whether to keep or replace the belt. The app uses a photograph taken with the smartphone’s built-in camera, along with digital technology and industry-standard specifications, to access the belt’s wear. The Gates PIC Gauge App immediately analyses the degree of rib wear on the accessory belt, returning one of three belt recommendations: within specification, wear detected or replace belt. The app can be used while the belt is on or off the engine.

Gates PIC Gauge App benefits

  • Prevent potentially dangerous situations for motoristsaccurately discover belt wear before belt failure
  • Unearth additional sales opportunities1 in 5 vehicles on the road need a multi-ribbed belt replacement
  • Prevent related component damage –  if a belt fails, it could damage other ABDS components
  • Customer satisfactionreplacing belt before failure eliminates the chances of related costly breakdowns

The Gates PIC Gauge App is free from the Apple App store or Google Play store. Scan the QR codes below to download the app today!


Gates PIC Gauge App for Android
Gates PIC Gauge App for Android
Gates PIC Gauge App for iPhone
Gates PIC Gauge App for iPhone

For more information or to access the ‘how-to’ guide, visit:


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