Gates Mico-V engine Belts

Gates introduce new engine belts to their ‘Micro-V®’ range.

GATES introduce new engine belts to their Micro-V® range, that mirror OE quality in design and performance.

A new look, an OE construction and a new family of four with Gates’ recent introduction of the latest generation of multi-ribbed engine belts for accessory belt drive systems. The clear link between Gates’ OE and aftermarket ranges will be prominent with the new Micro-V® range that covers 99% of the European car parc.

These striking OE links include:

  • The new standard belts have the same, distinctive patterned belt back as OE
  • Greater flexibility associated with OE design and construction
  • OE technology in compound, cords and ribs


Gates Micro-V® multi-ribbed engine belts have been made from EPDM rubber. Known for its outstanding tolerance to heat fluctuations (from -40°C to 140°C), as well as resistance to oil and coolant leaks. EPDM construction considerably extends belt service life.

The quality of EPDM rubber compounds used in Gates OE engine belts is instrumental in achieving greater crack-resistance and reliability. Using the same compounds and OE design technology in constructing the latest Micro-V® belts, the advanced tensile cord materials provide the necessary strength and durability.

Gates OE belts increasingly feature a pattern on the reverse side and this is reflected in Gates Micro-V® aftermarket range. To maintain optimum vehicular performance, OE manufacturers are constantly evaluating engine belt performance and updating technologies to improve belt (drive) design. Gates Micro-V® accessory belts match the latest OE construction features.


As an OE development partner, Gates understands the diversity in modern engine designs for passenger cars and LCVs. With that, Gates also recognises that different belts are needed to accommodate variations in OE design.

The Gates Micro-V® range includes 4 different engine belt types to ensure that it provides the optimum solution for each specific application. The four different types of Gates Micro-V® belts are easily identified by the branded belts and sleeves.


Designed for a direct replacement on more than 90% of the European car parc.

  • Engineered for the aftermarket, featuring the latest OE technologies
  • Extra flexibility, easy installation
  • Durable – resistant to cracking and extreme temperatures
  • Low noise levels
  • EPDM across the range


Designed for cars equipped with stretch-type belts without tensioner

  • OE belt technology
  • Strong and stretchable cord design for maximum tension holding capability throughout life-span
  • EPDM across the range
  • Installation instructions printed on the inside of the sleeve


Designed for cars equipped with a belt-driven stop-start system

  • OE belt technology
  • Immediate, noiseless, vibration-free re-starts
  • 4 belts in range to cover 100% belt-driven stop-start systems
  • Designed for a minimum of 600,000 starts
  • EPDM across the range


Designed to be the best option for specific cars with sensitive belt drives

  • OE belt technology
  • Special construction in order to perform best on the specific application: Aramid cord, special rib compound, double-sided belt, etc.
  • Individual solution for harsh environments
  • EPDM across the range


Extra care has been taken to ensure that the latest Micro-V® multiribbed belts can be ordered and integrated into existing stocks with ease. As a result, part numbers have remained unchanged despite the improvements made to the part.

Micro-V® belts are catalogued on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.

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