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The Full Gates Offering to the Aftermarket

With a wide range of products and value-added services aimed to help improve standard practices across the aftermarket, are you getting the most out of Gates?

As an OE development partner to some of the most renowned vehicle manufacturers in the automotive market, Gates understands the diversity in modern engine designs. As a result, Gates build their key offerings and value-added services around the needs of the aftermarket and motorists alike.


It is important for motor factors to ensure that their stock profiles are up-to-date. By re-profiling, motor factors can ensure that they have all the key, and new-to-range part numbers for optimum sales performance.

Get kitted out

As a significant portion of Gates’ business has moved to the Gates Micro-V® kits and Micro-V®  water pump kits (WPKs), it is imperative that motor factors are stocking a comprehensive profile of kits to suit the needs of the customers. These kits are set to be strong growth opportunities for the future.

Micro-V® Stop&Start belts

Designed for vehicles equipped with a belt-driven stop-start system, the 4 belts in range cover 100% of the belt-driven stop-start systems. This range of belts provides a strong opportunity with the popularity of stop-start vehicles today.

Gates tools

Gates tools are not just an upsell opportunity for motor factors. The tools provide installers the ability to fit the part correctly, diminishing the chance for unnecessary warranty claims.

Gates TechPartner

When garages partake in the Gates TechPartner programme, they have access to enhanced technical support to keep pace with the aftermarket. The programme provides technical training, extended warranty and easy access to specialist tools to help further reduce unnecessary warranty claims.

Gates TechZone

The Gates TechZone website provides the aftermarket with up-to-date videos and technical bulletins on the most common enquiries received from the Gates Technical Helpline.

Gates Autocat hose finder

Are your customers aware of the wide range of hoses that Gates offers? They can all be found on the Gates Autocat hose finder.

Support from FPS and Gates Representative

Gates products are available via same/next-day delivery and catalogued on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat. For more information, please speak to your local Gates or FPS representative.


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