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Train to Gain with Gates ABDS Training Workshops

Following the launch of the Gates Micro-V® Horizon™ multi-ribbed belt in 2012, Gates Auxiliary Belt Drive System (ABDS) kit sales have more than tripled. With over 500 references in range and sales increasing, Gates has now launched ABDS training workshops to cater for this demand.

New ABDS training workshops
Following a successful series of technical workshops on timing belts, Gates has added ABDS Training Workshops to its support  offering. At a local event organised by factors, Gates’ Technical Training and Support Team discussed the implications for installers of ABDS systems. Common concerns included:
• Rapid pace of change in the ABDS market
• Changing nature of installation procedures
• Increasing number of ABDS components
• Safety critical concerns and implications for maintenance
• Specific tools required in order to measure the degree of wear

ABDS is key to technical workshops
Gates’ new multi-ribbed Micro-V® Horizon™ belt forms a key element of the ABDS training workshops programme. It is a belt that is flexible and more durable than any other ABDS belt on the market – but it must be installed correctly!

Gates Micro-V Horizon Belt in Packaging
The all new Micro-V® Horizon™ Belt

Installation issues and fault diagnostic techniques are an essential part of Gates’ technical workshops. The knowledge gained by installers can help factors and garages save money and time, as well as reducing unnecessary warranty claims.

Factor case study
A factor was keen to reduce ABDS issues and increase product awareness at garage level. Gates held a two hour training session on site that focused on:
• Function and purpose of the modern ABDS
• The need to develop the Micro-V® Horizon™ belt
• Overrunning Alternator Pulleys (OAP)
• Torsional Vibration Damper Pulleys (TVD)
• Implications for power steering in the event of premature ABDS failure
• >Diagnosing problems and belt wear

Based on the feedback from the session it was apparent that installers tend to rely on their experience when servicing the ABDS. But the design of ABDS has become more complex in order to deal with more vehicle electronics. Nowadays, alternators are required to output anywhere between 120 and 160 Amps compared to between 30 to 50 Amps on older systems. This increase in demand puts more strain on the performance of the belt. This suggests that there is a need for factors and garages to increase their knowledge of the ABDS to keep up with improving technologies.

The success of training
The Gates training team offer onsite training, enabling Gates to maintain close relationships with factors and garages, while gaining feedback to further develop training programmes.

Garages that have had the training have seen sales increase; as technicians with greater confidence and improved skill-sets have a greater willingness to take on more complex jobs, invariably experiencing an upturn in ABDS-related work.

The training doesn’t cost the earth. FPS and Gates will support motor factors by paying two thirds of the training costs, up to a maximum of £400, with the factor contributing the remainder. Better yet, if you buy a large Gates Micro-V® Kit stock pack, you will be entitled to a free Gates ABDS Training Workshop

To arrange your training session with Gates or for further details please contact your local FPS or Gates Representative.


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