G3 Pro: Professional Skills in a Bottle

Car paint care from Farécla.

Previously, many car owners relied on professionals to remove surface scratches and paint defects but the current economic climate has encouraged people to consider how they could restore minor defects themselves. As a result, this market sector has expanded and there is now an opportunity for retailers to gain sales from the new category of car paint care; a market currently worth in excess of £31.5million. Scratches and scuffs can be unavoidable and according to a recent survey, public car parks are a major source of these incidents. Since 1994, the average car width has grown by 16% and despite these changes, legal requirements governing car park spaces have stayed exactly the same – even though the average British car is now 2″ wider than the minimum space! The result is that over 10 million car owners have suffered unwanted contacts in car parks over the past year, costing over £500million in repair bills. Farécla has developed the high quality G3 Pro range to cater for this significant market opportunity.


Bodyshop professionals have been trusting Farécla for over 60 years and their most advanced formulations are now being made available in the G3 Pro range for customers to achieve the same outstanding results at home. The range offers a complete solution, from preparation and paint renovation through to waxing and regular maintenance.


This is an ideal range for automotive accessory shops and motor factors that have walk-in customers, or an online presence.


Permanent removal is the core principle of the G3 Pro brand. Its hero product, the award-winning Permanent Scratch Remover, does not contain fillers to temporarily mask scratches but instead ensures permanent removal via Engineered Diminishing Abrasives (EDa’s). Permanent Scratch Remover is a reliable, quick-to-apply product which removes recent minor defects before more damage is sustained through rust and corrosion. When used in conjunction with the specially engineered Applicator Waffle Pads (AWPs), consumers can effortlessly achieve a glossy, scratch-free shine by hand – without the need for a polishing machine. A new product to the range is the Body Prep Clay Mitt which gives a truly deep clean – the key to obtaining best results on a paint renovation. Substituting clay bars, the mitt provides total control over the deep clean process and even lifts bonded contaminants from the surface.


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