Freshen up with Handstands

A select range of high quality Handstands car air fresheners are available from FPS in 37 different varieties across three brands: Bahama & Co, Refresh your car and Driven.

The range offers long-lasting fragrances and includes popular novelty, vent stick, oil wick, paper and membrane air fresheners. Whether customers want something that is island inspired, clean and inviting or bold and male in tones, Handstands caters for all requirements.

Bahama & Co – is an island inspired, novelty product that provides a relaxed fragrance. The selection of 2D and 3D products feature key elements that provide a sense of being on a holiday.

Refresh your car– is offered in a wide variety of formats that provide distinct fragrances, including new car, fresh linen and very cherry. The ever popular gel cans and vent sticks, along with the oil wicks and membranes, come in bright and colourful packaging and provide an odour-free vehicle, when in use.

Driven – offers bold and intense fragrances and is aimed at the male market. Its impactful and extreme packaging is a clear differentiator from other air fresheners in the market.

The formats are all designed by Handstands’ engineering team to offer premium fragrances in high quality packaging. The air fresheners are available from FPS on next-day delivery and can be ordered from the non-components section (Accessories and Styling/Interior) on the F:Drive.




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