Valeo wiper motor - Renault Megane (02-08), Mini Cooper (10>)

FPS Launches Valeo Wiper Motors Launch in Time for Winter

FPS now lists 86 Valeo wiper motor references, so you can rely on us for replacement parts on popular applications like the Renault Megane (02-08), Mini Cooper (10>) and more.

You can now order Valeo wiper motors from FPS – with references available for same-day and next-day delivery.

Demand for replacement wiper motors rises in winter as drivers insist on trying to use wipers that are iced up, or try to clear windscreens of ice and snow using their wipers. All of this puts a strain on the motors which will eventually fail. Additional reasons for wiper motor failure include:

  • Lack of use – grease inside the gearing assembly hardens and locks up the mechanism
  • High loads – use of the wipers on a dry screen or one covered in snow (as above) requires a high amount of torque which can burn out the motor
  • General abuse when wiper arms or blades are being replaced
  • Corrosion – given the position of the motor (below the windscreen) water can collect if drain holes are not clear and affect the motor
  • Age – brushes and gearing mechanisms become worn

Despite the increase in demand, motor factors are unlikely to hold much stock (afterall, they are not a service part), but wipers do need to work if a vehicle is to be driven safely. As a consequence it’s a classic distress product. That’s why FPS is launching a new range of wiper motors.

In December, FPS launched a is listing 86 Valeo wiper motors, consisting of 30 front units and 56 rear units. These new parts are available to order FPS from mid-December. These parts cover popular applications, such as the Renault Megane (02-08), Mini Cooper (10>) and Peugeot 206 (98-05).

Valeo wiper motors are fitted to one in three cars in Europe, so this new aftermarket range is great news for independents factors and fitters. Valeo’s wiper motors undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are OE quality. Throughout the process, factors such as the measurement and monitoring of wiping angle, power, tension and speed are assessed. Valeo also carries out tests in pre-defined climate profiles, such as winter and humid temperatures, to guarantee optimal performance is delivered during different weather conditions.


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