We launch the UK’s Biggest Oil Sump Range

With reference from BGA, Febi and Corteco, we now have the UK’s largest oil sump range.

Having identified an unaddressed need in the aftermarket for a quality range of oil sumps, BG Automotive (BGA) has launched its very own range of oil sump pan kits. And the full BGA range is now available to order from us – with additional oil sump references available from Febi and Corteco. This means we now have the biggest oil sump offering in the UK aftermarket!

Estimated to be in excess of £10 million and growing*, the oil sump market is one that factors need to consider. Traditionally a specialist, or ‘dealer-led’ product, sourcing replacement oil sump kits that combine quality and value for money has not been an easy task.  Our range includes aluminium and steel pans, covering European, Japanese, LCV, petrol and diesel applications, providing motor factors with access to a wide range of parts for popular vehicles.

Located at the bottom of the engine, the oil sump acts as a reservoir and is the lowest hanging section of the engine. It is therefore susceptible to damage caused by road debris, traffic calming measures, curbs/pavements and any off-road activity. The increasing number of road safety and traffic calming measures on the UK’s roads has contributed to the increasing number of failures and, therefore, replacements of these parts.

These factors can lead to the oil sump pan becoming dented and weakened until a crack is formed, causing oil to leak from the engine. In a ‘best case scenario’ a loss of oil from a damaged pan can lead to an increase in oil consumption as the driver continues to top up the oil levels within the vehicle. All moving parts that require oil will be affected, including all Camtrain and timing components. In the worst case, it can cause the engine to destroy itself in a matter of seconds. Steel sumps are particularly prone to rust, while alloy sumps are vulnerable to damaged sump plugs/threads.

BGA’s Oil Sump Offering

BGA’s new range of OE quality oil sump pan kits includes aluminium and steel pans, all of which will be supplied with the relevant sump plug and associated oil sump gasket, sump gasket kit or BGA silicone sealant. With 70 references, covering over 2,800 applications, this is the largest range available in the aftermarket. Plus, all pans will be covered by BGA’s usual comprehensive warranty. BGA plans to extend and develop the range to over 100 references within the next 12 months and more than 150 within 2 years.

Also Available from us…

  • Febi oil sumps – with 30 references in stock, febi offers individual sump units as well as sets that include a combination of oil sump gaskets, drain plugs, O-rings, OPCs, and with or without level sensor holes.
  • Corteco oil sump plugs – You can also order the full Corteco sump plug range from us too! This range comprises 38 references, covering some of the UK’s most popular vehicles.

Order Today!

Our full oil sump range is available to order for next-day delivery from us, with a number of fast-moving units available for same-day delivery. To find out more about the range call your local FPS Representative.


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