Michelin Man with Hybrid Wiper Blade

FPS Launches Michelin Wiper Blades

The Michelin wiperblade programme consists of two ranges, Rainforce conventional blades and Stealth hybrid blades, covering the front windscreen applications of approximately 96% of the UK car parc.

Michelin, with its formidable strength in all kinds of rubber technology, has now launched a programme of replacement windscreen wiper blades to the UK market. With over 100 years’ experience in the automotive industry and renowned for their quality tyres, Michelin is a popular brand that motorists know they can rely on. So, FPS is delighted to announce that it has secured the distribution of Michelin wiper blades for the automotive aftermarket.


How big is the UK wiper blade market?

The UK market for windscreen wiper blades is estimated at around £60 million per year at retail level, with considerable scope for growth. Wiper blades are often replaced only at the final stages of wear, so the inclusion of wiper blade inspection in MOT testing is raising awareness of the dangers of worn wiper blades. A national servicing chain has estimated that at any one time, up to 1/3 of vehicles on UK roads have defective wiper blades (streakers, squeakers, soakers, and scratchers), while the AA suggests that wiper blades will last 2 years at most, and recommends annual replacement.

The Michelin wiper blade programme consists of two ranges, Stealth and Rainforce, covering the front windscreen applications of approximately 96% of the UK car parc. While predominantly focused on front blades, the Michelin range also has a small selection of complementary rear wipers. Full details, including application listing and connector details can be found in the new Michelin wiper blade catalogue.

Stealth is a short range of hybrid wiper blades for new and old vehicles alike. The range offers replacement blades for vehicles fitted with hybrid blades as original equipment, such as Lexus LS, Peugeot 4007, Toyota Prius 3 Hatchback and Vauxhall Insignia. Stealth blades can also be used as retro-fit upgrade replacement for vehicles originally fitted with either traditional or flat blades. The range currently covers blades from 16″ to 28″, with 15″ blades due to arrive later in the year.

Michelin Stealth - Hybrid Wiper Blade
Michelin Stealth – Hybrid Wiper Blade

While hybrid blades are certainly becoming more common as standard fitment on new vehicles, the continuing majority of cars on UK roads are fitted with conventional wiper blades. Michelin’s Rainforce range caters for this section of the car parc. Rainforce blades are all-weather, high performance products. The blade itself is made from compression moulded natural rubber with a liquid graphite coating for smooth clean wiping. Sizes range from 14″ to 28″.

Michelin Rainforce - Conventional Wiper Blade
Michelin Rainforce – Conventional Wiper Blade

Quick & Easy Wiper Blade Replacement

All Michelin wiper blades are attractively presented in individual blister packs, with each pack including all the fittings necessary to fit the blade to the respective application. In this way car parc coverage is maximised, while stock inventory levels are kept to a minimum.

The range is supported with application data on all the major electronic platforms, as well as printed application lists. All references are catalogued on MAM, Epicor and FPS’ F:Drive for ease of purchase, so you can have the wiper blade you need at the click of a button.

Extra Support for Stockists of Michelin Wiper Blades

Thanks to the kudos of the brand, Michelin wiper blades offer a massive retail opportunity. Stock packs are available exclusively from FPS, with the following support package available:

• Retail merchandising solutions for wall racks

• Application guide book

• Planograms

• Overprint flyers

• Same-day replenishment support

To find out more about Michelin wiper blades, including an overview of the stock pack options, and how you can become a stockist please contact your local FPS Representative.


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