Electric-Life Window Regulators

We Launch Electric-Life Window Regulators

Open a window of opportunity with Electric-Life Window Regulators, new to our range.

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Electric-Life, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of window regulators.  The new partnership means that we can now offer motor factors OE quality window regulators at competitive prices, with the most popular references available for same-day delivery from your local FPS branch!

Recent market changes

In recent years, vehicle manufacturers have focused heavily on the weight reduction of components in order to achieve greater fuel economy and reduce emissions. For window regulators this has meant that new, lighter weight materials are being used – metals have been replaced by plastics that are more prone to damage from heat variations and vibrations, causing units to fail more frequently.

Window Regulator Failure

In many cases, the principal cause of window regulator failure is due to the failure of the plastic sliders. These sliders are connected to the Bowden cable and slide on the rails, moving the glass up and down. Damage to this plastic part is often caused by the car door being slammed with the window not completely up or down, resulting in the Bowden cable losing its tension, twisting around the cable drum, and jamming the complete mechanism.

Consequently, there is a market drive from complete unit replacement toward the replacement of the mechanism only. This offers many advantages, chief of which are: it prevents the waste of perfectly working motors, and it reduces installation time.

Failures also occur during the winter months, usually as a result of misuse. A common practice used by drivers is to lower their windows in order to clear the glass and improve visibility. However, this can cause problems if there is ice on the glass that causes the window to stick. This places additional pressure on the motor which can burn out the motor causing the system to fail.

It is important that the whole unit is changed together to maximise the product life and ensure all parts function smoothly. Encouraging such practice at garage level also means that factors will not need to duplicate stock.

Introducing Electric-Life Window Regulators

Electric-Life’s range is split 60% complete units and 40% mechanism-only – the latter of which has seen significant year-on-year growth and this is expected to continue. Electric-Life window regulators are manufactured with the experience and technological knowledge acquired through joint development with a number of car manufacturers. The range covers all 4 technologies, from the most commonly used to the latest developments.

Types of Technology

There are four distinct types of window regulator, each employing a different technology to achieve the same result:

  • Cable
    • In decline, used mainly in rear doors and industrial vehicles
  • Bowden
    • The most commonly used technology
  • Double Bowden
    • Latest and most innovative technology
  • Scissor
    • Used predominantly in Japanese & Vauxhall applications


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