FPS goes even greener with Hiab Moffett E4 electric truck mounted forklift

FPS goes even greener with Hiab Moffett E4 electric truck mounted forklift

For some time now, Cargotec have been working on a new generation Hiab Moffett E4 electric truck mounted forklift. The testing partner for this project has been FPS, who have been trialling the E4 at their Sheffield NDC.

Hiab Moffett truck mounted forklifts are highly visible up and down Britain’s motorways, being the market leader in the vehicle mounted forklift market.

This is the first forklift of its kind in the world, bringing huge benefits to potential users. At the end of last year, Cargotec were presented with a ‘John Connell Technology Award’ by the Noise Abatement Society for the new Hiab Moffett E-Series electric truck-mounted forklifts. The award acknowledges the company’s success in significantly reducing operating noise on the machines to levels that allow them to be used in built-up areas outside regular working hours.

Keith Quigley, Vice President of Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklifts commented,

‘Customers are asking for machines that can work in urban and semi-industrial areas late at night or early in the morning, when noise levels are a sensitive issue.’

He added, ‘The E-Series machines are suitable for use by businesses in sectors where forklifts were previously unsuitable because of high noise and emissions levels, such as retailers whose premises are in or near residential areas. The elimination of exhaust gas emissions means they can be used to take goods from outside to inside, reducing the likelihood of handling damage.’

FPS Electric Mounted Forklift Truck  - Lower emissions inside and outside operation

The benefits that this machinery will bring to our business are abundant, solving many operational problems; the E4 runs on electricity, not diesel. This means that they are more cost effective to operate and can be used inside warehouses as well as outside, without the obvious dangers that diesel fumes incur. As they are electric, these new forklifts are almost silent, so can be used in built up areas without generating noise complaints. This also means that we are not restricted by the time of day, for fear of generating noise pollution.

FPS Electric Mounted Forklift Truck  - Noise reduction for urban areas

FPS Transport Manager Mark Wilson, who led the testing team, commented on the benefits,

‘The E4 can be operated by one man and used on all terrain, making them extremely practical and efficient. As a result these forklifts will have a very positive impact on our self-sufficient transport operations. They eliminate the use of other equipment to load and unload vehicles and give us the capacity to handle more weight in even the most restrictive of places.’

He continued, ‘The trial completed its first four months in typical British weather conditions and the results have been encouraging. Stage two of the trial will commence at the end of April, so it will be good to see how the forklift continues to operate. We have worked with Hiab Moffett diesel truck mounted forklifts for a number of years and we are very proud of our role in developing this new ‘green’ machine. It has performed well in trials travelling around the UK on the back of our vehicles and we have been able to provide considerable feedback to ensure it is right for the market. We will be converting to the E4 electric trucks in the coming months, in order to benefit from the noise and emission reductions as well as the lower operating costs.’

See the E4 in action:


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