FPS Creates Super Branches

FPS made an investment into its expansion strategy in 2014 and developed a network of ‘Super Branches’ throughout the UK.

In order to support our customers and suppliers, FPS has always taken the view that if we put as much product as close to the factor as possible, it will reflect true demand and increase sales for us both. This means width of range, supported by an efficient internal replenishment process to maintain same day availability. We have spent many years trying to develop this and have recently taken another step forward by putting an additional £1.5 million worth of stock closer to our customers.

At the beginning of 2014, we at FPS decided that the time was right to invest further. With product ranges growing faster than ever, due to new vehicle manufacturer technology coming through to the aftermarket, we felt factors would appreciate more same-day support across the increasing number of parts.

We developed Birmingham, Bristol, Colchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Liverpool into ‘Super Branches’, pushing more depth of range within same day reach of our factor customers. The six sites were chosen due to their good geographic location and enough capacity to handle the extra stock we wanted to invest in. They will take on the largest ranges any FPS branch has taken in our 80 year history.

The ‘Super Branches’ received an initial inventory boost of over £850,000, on top of their existing 45,000 part numbers. Our focus was on wear and service items, whilst ensuring we gave ourselves and our customers the best chance of being able to service as much demand as possible. We invested heavily in LUK clutch, Remy rotating electrics, Cambiare engine management, Gates timing products and our filtration and braking brands.

We monitored performance of the ‘Super Branches’ throughout 2014 and felt we had more to give, particularly on the product lines that take up space and are difficult to handle, due to long grey tails or their bulky size and shape.

In January 2015, we injected a further £650,000 worth of stocks. This time, we included 100 extra Kilen coil springs, 270 Boge shock absorbers, 120 Nissens radiators, 170 more clutches and another 800 braking products as well as a mix of other components.

FPS has invested over £1.5 million, giving each ‘Super Branch’ an extra stock worth £260,000, covering over 7,000 additional part numbers per site. We view this as a great opportunity for FPS, our customers and our suppliers to make the most of saying ‘yes’ to every customer enquiry.

FPS has over £50 million worth of stock holding and an additional £17 million worth is held at the National Distribution Centre at Sheffield. We handle £1.2 million worth of stock movement every day, in order to replenish the branch network and maintain the ability to supply same day, picking up to 32,000 lines daily.

With our ‘Super Branch’ profiles under regular review, we have strengthened our position to support the aftermarket on a same-day basis. But it is also important that we continue expanding our standard branch profiles. We have therefore paid particular attention to the products that factors find less appealing to carry in bulk, such as radiators, driveshafts and shock absorbers, with over 200 additional part numbers placed in every branch.

When you consider this amount of stock we are adding on top of the 22,000 new to range parts we added during 2014, there is no doubt we are focused on keeping at the forefront of availability and service.

•    375: Rotating Electrics parts
•    120: Engine Cooling parts
•    1500: Brake Friction & Hydraulics parts
•    1000: Belts, Kits & Tensioner parts
•    250: Filtration parts
•    270: Shock Absorber parts
•    830: Engine Management & Ignition parts
•    160: Window Regulator parts
•    420: Cable parts


FPS is one of the UK’s leading providers of service-led supply chain solutions. Founded in 1934, and employing over 1,200 people, it operates from 23 sites in the UK. Acting as a distribution partner for a number of major brands, its core business is providing automotive parts, car accessories and consumables to the reseller network. Through recent expansion FPS now successfully provides wholesale distribution services in the Maintenance & Accessories sector, serving a number of blue-chip companies. Dedicated to service excellence and innovation, the company offers a wide range of services meeting the varying needs of manufacturers, suppliers, resellers and business consumers across the supply chain. For further details go to http://www.fpsdistribution.com/pr-corner/ or contact comms@fpsdistribution.co.uk