We are now offering Stretch Fit Belts from Gates covering 140 applications

We are pleased to announce that they have taken stock of the 11 new Stretch Fit Belts that have been recently released from Gates.

These stretch fit belts cover a total of 140 applications spread over 10 different makes. As an extension to their extensive range of supplementary belt drive system products, Gates and we are offering yet another professional solution for the UK aftermarket.

A Stretch Fit belt, like any other elastic belt, needs to be installed using the appropriate mounting tool. Therefore Gates has developed two re-usable universal tools offering the installer everything he needs to guarantee a perfect installation. The tools that are required in order to fit the new belts are also available from us: SFT001 (7468-10100) and SFT003 (7468-10101). Thanks to these universal tools, more than 80% of the current Stretch Fit applications can be covered.

For further details of the Stretch Fit Belt range, contact your local FPS branch.


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