FPS add 18,000 gasket references from BGA

FPS and BGA have successfully worked alongside each other to bring BGA’s comprehensive range of gaskets and ‘top end’ products to the Aftermarket.

The engine parts market in the UK has changed considerably in the last ten years with new, tough requirements on the power supply demanded, more compact, more power, less polluting, less noise, choice of fuels, less weight and lower costs being at the forefront.

The solutions to overcome all the demands that the modern car must now meet have led to multi valve engines, hydraulic drive train, rubber drive mechanisms, lightweight materials and advanced fuels, which in turn has delivered a whole new market opportunity to the repair trade. 90% of all engines require the head bolts to be changed after removal (due to angular tightening), of which BGA have the largest range available.

Broken timing belts lead to engine valve damage, with the modern engine now featuring not 8 valves any more, but 16, 20 or even 32. Engine valves have to cope with more heat, higher revs and new materials including satellite, sodium etc have been brought into play to address these new problems. Adjustable or shimmed valve adjusters are now replaced with hydraulic ones.

With the ‘bottom end’ market dropping out and improved block design and quality means that sales have decreased over the last five years, this has led to ‘top end’ sales continually growing. Each model of car now demands a choice of engines as standard, leading to huge parts diversity. For example the Ford Focus has 12 different engine options on this model alone, each with a range of valves and gaskets. This explains why BGA’s engine parts range now tops over 18,000 references.

To work alongside the ever progressing car designs, the manufacturing processes for replacement parts have also had to become more technically advanced. This has seen improved methods for cutting gaskets. No longer do we see the traditional wood framed tool manually ‘punching out’ gaskets but whole automated lines of steel, laser and water cutting machinery.

The all new MLS (Multi-Layered Steel) gasket produced in this process is the latest material enhancement delivering higher resistance to temperature, allowing better expansion and contraction of the engine and a superior resistance to chemical additives such as anti-freeze and motor oils. BGA have MLS head gaskets available for over 5,000 applications.

To supplement the above a user friendly catalogue has been produced containing 400 Head Bolts, 15,000 Gaskets and 2,000 Valves in their range.


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