First Line HD stabiliser links available now

First Line has introduced a range of over 60 HD stabiliser links as an alternative to OE parts for off-road vehicles, taxis and LCVs.

The range of heavy duty stabiliser links covers such applications as the Range Rover and Ford Transit as well as vehicles that cover high mileages and all have to withstand extra stress on their suspension components.

First Line has enhanced the specification to deliver a longer service life and better product performance. As a result, these patented First Line HD stabiliser links are specifically designed to be more robust and of higher quality than the OE parts, thus providing a service life of up to three times longer than the vehicle’s standard stabiliser link.


First Line is the UK’s largest supplier of replacement steering & suspension components and provides more than 7,500 First Line branded part numbers in range with wide coverage and stock availability.

All First Line stabiliser links are catalogued on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat+ and available from FPS the same or next day.



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