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First Line add to their range of automotive cables

FIRST LINE highlights the technology behind automotive cables in modern vehicles.

Good quality automotive cables are strong additional profit opportunities. With that, First Line offers one of the largest programmes for automotive cables in the UK. In this issue of Vital News, First Line sheds light on the fast growing ranges of premium quality auto-adjust clutch, electronic handbrake and gear control cables.


To combat the occasional problems caused by clips being damaged during transit, First Line introduced an improved design to their auto-adjust clutch cables for instances where the auto-adjust mechanism is fitted at the end of the cable.

These auto-adjust clutch cables were developed with the integration of latest technology to achieve the best performance. It also features a special double wire, trapezoidal and round, conduit to increase the compression resistance, resulting in a more effective stroke of the inner cable.

The most notable difference is the plastic covering of the auto-adjust mechanism that prevents rust and corrosion, therefore increasing the longevity of the component. First Line auto-adjust cables also remove the requirement for plastic clips used on older designs.


A common misconception is that gear control cables are available through the dealer only. However, First Line has more than 100, premium quality gear control cables in range covering popular vehicles such as the Ford Transit, Renault Trafic and Vauxhall Vivaro available from FPS. The aftermarket demand for quality gear control cables on numerous automotive and LCVs has been growing year-on-year.


More vehicle manufacturers are transitioning towards electronic handbrake systems over the lever-operated equivalents to further improve driver comfort, convenience and safety. However, despite the popularity for these systems, replacement brake cables are relatively scarce in the aftermarket as it was previously a dealer-only part. First Line has recently introduced a range of these cables available to the aftermarket.


The exacting standards in which First Line parts are manufactured to mean that First Line parts undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality, reliability and longevity.


Whilst cheaper and lower quality cables are available in the aftermarket, it is important to be mindful that the original specification may be compromised. A cable with lower quality specifications will wear quicker and as a safety critical component, this is not ideal.

It is easy to spot a cable with lower specifications as the end fittings can be made of a different material and size. The inner cable may be thinner than the original and any heat-shielded areas are often shorter and may not be fixed in place.

First Line also offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of brake, accelerator and speedometer cables in the aftermarket. To help factors and installers identify cable references First Line also has unique technical layout drawings available for use.

Equipped with a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty, FPS stocks more than 2,500 First Line cables that can be found on MAM Autocat and the F:Drive. Available via same/next-day delivery, please speak with your local FPS representative for more information.


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