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First Issue of Vital News for 2017

Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of Vital News for the year of 2017.

After a year of shocks such as “Brexit” and “Trumpin”, hopefully, 2017 will be a little steadier. However, with further elections due in various European countries, there is plenty of scope for further unrest. Curiously, the rest of Europe may actually come round to the UK’s way of thinking of less convergence, more local control, which could mean we’ll have no Brexit at all but back to “Brex-in” again. It will be interesting to see how Trump gets on with trying to keep jobs in America when it is clearly visible how competent the Chinese are in so many products, and are investing heavily to improve the whole time.

In China, you do of course get what you pay for. As effectively, you can almost choose your price, from extreme budget brands to OE quality. One has to say, though, those who go as cheap as possible and then don’t have their own testing regime for product they import really are taking big risks, in particular on safety critical products.

In a wider context in the aftermarket, technology consistently plays a huge role in any business direction, be it embracing new technologies, or incremental or step changes in existing ones.

Hybrid vehicles have existed for a better part of 20 years. However, as supercar manufacturers begin to embrace hybrid technology and PHEV (plug-in electric hybrid vehicles) are now becoming part of many manufacturers market offering, the interest is as strong as ever. There is a growing demand for hybrid components and expertise as more hybrid cars take to UK roads.

On the FPS front, Vital News explores the measures we take to ensure that our suppliers not only provide the best quality in products but also maintain best practices in the way they conduct business. Find out more about how FPS attain end-to-end accountability with the QC checking processes in place.

Also be sure to keep an eye out for news and insights from our component suppliers – Klarius, Cambiare, Shaftec, Bosch, Ring, Prasco, Federal-Mogul, Remy and Fahren. On the non-component side, we are pleased to introduce Royal’s latest range of leisure products in time for 2017 as well as updates from Energizer, Polco and Maypole.

As always, we look forward to your feedback on how to provide you with excellent services to make the business better. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Neil Davis
Managing Director, FPS.

Neil Davis


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