Fire Extinguisher

Which Fire Extinguisher Should you Select for Effective Fire Control?

Anaf outlines 5 fire types and the importance of selecting the most effective ABC powder fire extinguisher from their range.

Garages are often home to expensive, heavy-duty equipment. That is why, it is in the best interest of these businesses to invest in quality when it comes to health and safety equipment. With more than 30 years of technical design experience in portable fire safety, Anaf Fire Protection is one of Europe’s leading companies in the innovation and distribution of portable fire extinguishers for automotive and marine markets.

The ABC’s of Fire

According to BS EN 3, fire types are grouped into five different classes:

Fire Classifications

Different classes of fire, call for different solutions to put them out. Anaf’s growing range of ABC dry powder extinguishers is capable of dousing fires that are classed A, B and C. This makes powder extinguishers a popular choice for garages and marine settings as it is safe to use around electrical equipment.

The key ingredient of these extinguishers is the multi-purpose dry powder (extinguishing agent) that is propelled out of the body by a compressed, non-flammable gas (typically a mix of nitrogen and helium). When released from the canister, the powder forms a ‘blanket’ over the fire to smother it and prevent re-kindling.

ABC Powder Extinguishers

The range of Anaf ABC Powder Extinguishers is available from FPS on next-day delivery. With various sizes and gauge options, it is easy to find one to suit the needs of the user:

  • 1151A – 1kg ABC Powder Extinguisher without Gauge
  • 1144A – 1kg ABC Powder Extinguisher with Gauge
  • 1142C – 2kg ABC Powder Extinguisher with Gauge
  • PS4-HJ – 4kg ABC Powder Extinguisher with Gauge
  • PS6-HJ – 6kg ABC Powder Extinguisher with Gauge
  • PS9-HJ – 9kg ABC Powder Extinguisher with Gauge

Uncompromised Quality

Anaf takes utmost care in every step of their production process in order to maintain the quality of their products. With a fully-automated factory production line, every component that goes into Anaf fire extinguishers is produced in-house. From the cylinder, paint, valve production and assembly to the composition of the extinguishing agent, filling process and packaging, Anaf’s approach to vertical integration allows them to be fully accountable for every detail of quality.

Anaf invests heavily into research and development as well as stringent quality control with full CAD/ CAM design and tooling. Anaf products are certified by competent national organisations, to ensure compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC, the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC, and BS EN 3 standard for portable fire extinguishers.

Search for the range of Anaf products within the Maintenance & Accessories section of the F:Drive or speak to your local FPS representative for more information.