Fill the Gaps with FTE Clutch Hydraulics

The gap-filling range of clutch hydraulics from FTE bolsters FPS’s portfolio.

FPS’s ongoing initiative to introduce gap-fillers within existing ranges and help provide wider application coverage has prompted the introduction of a new range of clutch hydraulics from FTE. This range of popular references, available the same day from FPS branches, allows customers to access the newest clutch hydraulics technologies. The newly introduced products will enhance the factors’ sales opportunities for applications on modern vehicles that may have not been available previously in the aftermarket.

For more than 70 years, FTE has been at the forefront of automotive hydraulics technology. Based in Germany, FTE is the global market leader and supplier of OE clutch hydraulics systems to numerous vehicle manufacturers worldwide and has extended its expertise to the aftermarket as well.

The range consists of 36 unique products, new to the FPS clutch hydraulics programme – inclusive of clutch master cylinders, slave cylinders and concentric slave cylinders (CSCs).

Highlights within the range include:

• KG15042.4.1-Clutch master cylinder-Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 (2008>)
• KN22071.4.5-Clutch slave cylinder- Audi A6 2.0TDi (2008-11)
• KG190117.4.1-Clutch master cylinder-Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 513D 2.1 (2009>)
• ZA34056.3.1-Concentric slave cylinder-Chevrolet Cruze 2.0VCDi (2009-11)

All of FTE’s products are OE quality and are manufactured on the same production lines that supply the car manufacturers.

The most common issue for clutch master and slave cylinders is contamination of the hydraulic fluid or even the wrong type of hydraulic fluid being used. The smallest drop of contaminant, such as engine oil, gearbox oil, washer fluid or antifreeze can cause the rubber seals within the cylinder to swell up overtime. When this happens, the cylinder can no longer work properly and can seize.  Often, the contaminant is introduced into the hydraulic system when using the same funnel or pouring container, between different types of fluids.

When replacing CSCs, the most common cause for failure is not using the correct bleeding procedure and therefore special care must be taken by the installer to follow the correct process. FTE provides fitting instructions, hints and tips on each part number box for all CSCs, clutch master and slave cylinders to aid the installer during fitment.

Clutch hydraulics are an integral part of the modern vehicles stop-start system and over years, FTE has developed innovative solutions, in particular hydraulic sensor technology, in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers, to drive efficiency and economy demanded by the vehicle driver today. A recent technology delivered by FTE is the double clutch concentric slave cylinder which is used in the new Audi A6 gearbox.  The system helps facilitate seamless gear changes and allows for the traditional clutch pedal to be removed, therefore enhancing driver comfort. This is expected to be introduced by FTE in the aftermarket in the next couple of years – so is one to watch out for.

FTE’s continued research and development initiative ensures that today’s leading edge technology will be available for tomorrow’s aftermarket. Together with FPS’s unrivalled distribution network, this presents an excellent opportunity for customers to access emerging technologies quickly and easily.



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