Fenwick’s Winter Bike Care

Keep bicycles in good shape over the winter with Fenwick’s latest cleaning kits, available now from FPS.

Cyclists should take added measures in bike care over the winter as moisture, salt and grit can lead to premature damage to the chain and frame. Whilst giving the bike a quick wipe down to remove excess moisture and roads salts after a ride, cyclists can do more to reduce the chance of corrosion.

Easy bike maintenance in a kit

Two new Fenwick’s cleaning kits are now available from FPS via next-day delivery:

Drivetrain Cleaning Kit (5507B)

The kit makes for a more convenient and easy job in cleaning grimy chains and cassettes. It contains a foaming chain cleaner (500ml), chain cleaning sponge and gear cleaning brush.

Fenwick’s biodegradable chain cleaner provides a simple, mess-free application that clings to components with very little waste – only 5-10ml of product is needed per clean. The solvent and acid free formulation makes it a safe product to use.

The chain cleaning sponge scrubs all four sides of the chain simultaneously without harming the chain in any way. It it has been specifically developed as a highly durable and cost effective solution compared to cumbersome chain cleaning tools.

The long handled gear cleaning brush permits easy, safe access to all sizes of cassette, derailleurs and chain-sets. By utilising dual stiffness bristles, it improves penetration for better and quicker cleaning.

Essential Bike Cleaning & Lubrication Kit (5514B)

This kit provides all the essential items needed to keep bicycles looking good and running smoothly.

The kit contains bike cleaner (1 litre), concentrated bike cleaner (95ml) and chain lube (100ml).

The “ready to use” biodegradable bike cleaner’s ergonomically designed trigger bottle targets dirt, surrounding it for an easy rinse. Without acids or solvents, this formulation is safe to use on all frame finishes (e.g. matt, carbon or gloss), leaving a clean, contaminant-free surface.

The concentrated bike cleaner is versatile and economical. It can be used neat in a chain bath, or diluted (1 part concentrated bike cleaner to 10 parts water) for jobs like frame and disc brake cleaning.

Fenwick’s chain lube is designed to repel dust in dry conditions and avoid picking up dirt in wet conditions, making it a good choice for an everyday chain lube.

Available on the F:Drive

The Fenwick’s Drivechain Cleaning Kit and Essential Bike Cleaning & Lubrication Kit is part of a comprehensive range of bike care products by Fenwick’s catalogued on the F:Drive. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.


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