Federal-Mogul for Piston Problems

The Nüral EcoTough® coated pistons cater for smaller, higher-powered engines by countering higher cylinder pressure & temperature and increased mechanical loads that create more stresses and strains.

A sound, functioning piston is essential for more engine efficiency, lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions, without sacrificing power and performance.

The Federal-Mogul patented EcoTough® piston skirt coating is formulated with solid lubricants and carbon fibre reinforcement, combining low wear with low friction, which is applied to Nüral pistons during manufacture, creating a piston that is fully compatible with existing and advanced cylinder finishes.

• 0.8% less fuel consumption*
• 10% less friction in the Power Cylinder Unit (piston and rings)*
• Up to 0.4% less CO2 emissions in European drive cycle tests
• 40% less wear than with standard gasoline coatings

*compared with conventional piston coatings

Furthermore, the coating meets the toughest environmental standards, is formulated to be free from toxic solvents and provides more thickness than pistons with conventional coatings, thus adding extra protection. All of which means that the piston will perform better and for longer even in state-of-the-art boosted gasoline DI engines.

Nüral EcoTough® coated pistons are available from FPS on same/next-day delivery.