DuraBowl® pistons

Federal-Mogul offers DuraBowl® pistons

Catering for the modern, downsized, high-performance diesel engines, Nüral DuraBowl® pistons are now available from FPS on same/next-day delivery.

Over the past decade, typical engine outputs have risen from 50kW/litre (67bhp/litre) to 70kW/l (94bhp/l) or more, while temperatures and pressures rise above 400°C and 200 bar. While conventional pistons have been known to struggle, Nüral DuraBowl® piston offers a more resilient yet lighter solution.  It also helps increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and lasts longer.

Silicon particles in the aluminium can weaken a piston; DuraBowl® reduces the particle size, thus strengthening the piston rim and increasing piston life by up to 7 times. Several top vehicle manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, fit DuraBowl® as OE. For the aftermarket, the new pistons are fitted just like conventional types, with no need for additional tools or training. If a vehicle was originally fitted with DuraBowl® pistons, the Nüral replacement will feature DuraBowl® technology.

In fact, Federal-Mogul is the only supplier of OE quality replacement pistons for vehicles originally fitted with DuraBowl® technology. It is this approach which won the product the prestigious Automotive News PACE Award for innovation. Speak to your local FPS representative for more details on this product.



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