febi bilstein Offers a Complete German-Made Parts Solution for European Cars and Commercial Vehicles

World renowned manufacturer and supplier febi bilstein outline the range and support offered to motor factors in-line with their high quality standards.

Since its establishment in 1844, febi bilstein has represented product and service innovations with a high standard of quality. This is reflected in the production of precision parts on its own, as well as manufacturing partners’ sites. In order to uphold the ‘Made in Germany’ seal of quality, the company invests constantly in the expansion of its in-house production, machining facilities and testing equipment.

The range covers more than 30,000 technical spare parts for all popular models of European cars and commercial vehicles. febi bilstein uses its extensive expertise as a manufacturer with cutting edge production technologies to meet the ever-increasing market demands.


febi bilstein continually invests in state-of-the-art quality testing equipment and consults with experts to ensure OE matching quality on all its products. The testing equipment comprises of x-ray machines, 3D precision measure arms and scanners, all working to guarantee the exacting standards of an OE part are met. All febi bilstein products are researched, specified and manufactured to be direct OE replacements.

Moreover, the unique and stringent Triple Check quality assurance procedures used on its partner manufacturers helps febi exercise a close control on everything that bears its name.

What is the Triple Check procedure?

The Triple Check maintains a focus on efficient and effective quality control through:

•  STEP 1 – Supplier Audit: guarantees the production partners meet the strict requirements of a Quality Assurance Agreement. Also, in conjunction with the TÜV Rhineland stamp, selected suppliers are awarded an approved supplier status.

•  STEP 2 – Sample Checks: to ensure the parts meet the functional, dimensional and material standards of the OE product.

•  STEP 3 – Goods-in Control: all products undergo a regular and detailed testing to confirm that quality standards are consistent across the range.

febi Live!

febi’s online catalogue makes finding the exact part quick and easy for motor factors. It covers all popular makes and models of vehicle manufacturers, offering continuous updates and technical information for the febi range of over 30,000 part numbers.

The catalogue is aided by:

  Free VRM Lookup
  High-res product images
  Technical tips and information, including product dimensions, specifications and febi tips linked to each relevant part number
  Parts search by OE number
  New product update information
  Feedback to address market needs better

febi account holders benefit from additional features, such as stock availability by registering for free on: www.febi-live.com

The Range

FPS now stocks a range of over 5,500 febi parts, consisting of steering & suspension, rubber-to-metal and a wide range of infill and unique and niche products. The remainder of the range is available for special order.

Steering & Suspension Range

The febi steering and suspension range consists of 6,000+ components, with vehicle parc coverage of over 30 million and 400,000 applications on the UK roads. This includes control arms, tie rods & stabiliser links, tie rod ends, steering rack boots and steering dampers.

Highlights Include:
•  Stabiliser Link Prokits for Vauxhall Astra & Zafira, Toyota Yaris, Audi A3 & Q3, VW Golf & Passat
•  Anti-roll Bar Bush for Mercedes Sprinter
•  Tie Rod Ends for Ford Tourneo & Transit, Vauxhall Astra & Zafira

Premium Range:
The premium steering and suspension range stocked by FPS includes parts for high-end vehicles, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Jaguar.  The range is available from all FPS branches nationwide for same-day delivery.

Rubber to Metal Range

Over 2,200 rubber-to-metal parts are available from febi which offer coverage for around 30m vehicles on the UK roads. The range includes control arm mountings, anti-roll bars, axle mountings, bushes and kits.

Product Functionality:
•  Improve steering performance and driving stability
•  Create an elastic connection between the individual chassis components

It is always advisable to use tested OE quality replacement as many parts that look identical outwardly may not be able to retain the vibration absorption and acoustic characteristics required by the vehicle.

Infill Parts

With more than 3,500 parts not previously covered by FPS now in range, febi offers replacement for the more specialist components’ requirement. Many parts, often thought to be exclusive to the main dealers and supplied almost exclusively by OE manufacturers, are now available from the febiplus range stocked by FPS.

These are parts that repair shops do not immediately think of as being available within the independent aftermarket. The range includes column switches, door handles/locks, interior buttons, injectors, valves, seals, expansion tanks, radiator fans, blowers, sump plugs & pans, pedal accessories, TVD pulleys and specialist fluids, to name a few.

Justifying Confidence

febi’s expertise is one of its most important strengths; its in-house production facility reflects the exacting requirements with regards to product quality and is applied to the selection of partner suppliers too.

To support this, febi invests continuously in the modernisation of its machining facilities. febi bilstein also asserts a high level of experience through its historical involvement with metal works. This combination of expertise and precision engineering is channelled into the development of every series production part. As a result, febi offers a complete range of high precision processes as a one stop service. The factory floors virtually cover the entire production chain: from tool making and machining to the hardening plant and quality assurance.


•  More than 5,500 quality parts from febi Bilstein available from FPS.
•  Portfolio comprises steering & suspension, rubber-to-metal, unique ‘dealer-only’ and infill parts.
•  Premium steering and suspension parts available the same-day from FPS for high-end marques.
•  Popular rubber-to-metal parts available same day from FPS.
•  Triple Check quality assurance procedure ensures 100% OE match on all parts.


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