Volkswagen Golf

febi in Focus: Volkswagen Mk 4

febi bilstein supplies a range of over 700 references for the Volkswagen Golf Mk 4 model including steering, suspension, electrical, braking and transmission parts.

The Volkswagen Golf Mk 4 was manufactured between 1998 and 2004 and is still in demand. A low mileage, ’52 plate GTi model can go on sale for at least £11,000.

The low position of the engine compartment makes it vulnerable to damage from uneven road surfaces, speed bumps and road salts. Debris thrown up from the road can also contribute to cracks and damage the engine compartment cover.

The engine compartment cover is a safety critical component and in addition to minimising noise, it ensures targeted cooling of the exhaust system and engine compartment using the airflow. It also serves to protect the drive unit, oil sump and steering rod.

febi bilstein offers an engine compartment cover for the VW Mk 4 (febi no. 33543).

Other popular febi parts in range to fit VW Golf Mk 4 include:

  1. 27056 – Locking Wheel Nut Kit
  2. 09228 – Strut Top Mounting Kit
  3. 15374 – Oil Sump Plug
  4. 32510 – Coolant Temperature Sensor
  5. 44945 – Throttle body

All febi products are OE matching quality. Find more information on the F:Drive, febiLive! Or speak to your local FPS representative.