Fahren Wheel Bearing Kit part number FAR0090

A Growing Range – Fahren Wheel Bearing Kits are launched!

Following the recent launch of water pumps, Fahren wheel bearing kits are the latest addition to the FPS portfolio.

Following the recent launch of water pumps, Fahren wheel bearing kits are the latest addition to the FPS portfolio.

The initial range consists of 161 part numbers and is designed to be competitively priced against the market and enhance the existing range of Fahren products.

With a range of fast moving references, Fahren’s new offering covers many popular applications including Ford Focus 2.0 1999-2004, Wheel Bearing Kit part number FAR0090.

As with all other products under the Fahren offering, Fahren Wheel Bearing Kits are supported by a 12,000/1 year warranty, which-ever comes first.

All wheel bearing references are available from FPS for same-day and next-day delivery.

Why Fahren Wheel Bearing Kits?

The Fahren range is a cost effective solution for motor factors and garages who are looking to source good quality parts for less. The brand sits alongside FPS’ tier one offerings in the various product groups; ignition coils, water pumps, wheeling bearing kits and braking, meaning customers now have a choice when demand calls for these products. With two or three tiered product offerings, there are now options to suit varying vehicle needs.

For further information on Fahren Wheel Bearing Kits or the expanding Fahren range, speak to your local FPS Representative.





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