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Expert Gasket Advice From Payen®

Payen® products have been available in the UK for over a century. Federal-Mogul Engine Expertise exercises their authority on the topic to share tips on all things gasket-related.

Modern vehicles are commonly manufactured with an engine block and a cylinder head bolted on top, which makes the head gasket a critical seal. This gasket should be able to maintain a strong seal and prevent leakage between the two crucial engine parts during the compression process. However, the gasket should also function as a safety device. As the weakest component in the sealing system, it should be the first component to fail in response to a problem.

Seal the deal

With modern gaskets, the flatness and finish of the sealing surfaces on the engine should always be checked. Only then can the gaskets be fitted to clean and dry surfaces to prevent foreign particles from entering. Avoid using sealants unless there is a specific application need such as a T-joint formed by the cylinder head, block and front cover.

PTFE oil seals should also be fitted to a clean and dry shaft using the supplied fitting aid without any additional lubrication. Then the seal needs a period of at least four hours to conform to the shaft surface before it’s required to seal the oil.

Accompanying parts

When replacing head gaskets, it is best practice to replace the head bolts at the same time since they are affected by the same fatigue, corrosion or mechanical damage. The bolts should be tightened to the correct specification using a calibrated torque wrench or an angle wheel, depending on the procedure.

Stick with quality

The right Payen® gasket guarantees a perfect fit, every time. And a perfect fit means sealing integrity, longer engine life and satisfied customers. Payen® offers one of the broadest ranges of sealing technologies available today, specifically designed to meet – and exceed – the exacting sealing requirements of installers all over the world. This means they perform exceptionally well in a vast range of temperature and pressure conditions, and across varying surface regularity demands.

With more than 8000 Payen® references available from FPS, you’re more than likely to be able to source the part you need for same/next-day delivery via the F:Drive, and MAM Autocat. For more information, please speak to your local FPS representative.

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