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Evolution of Wheel Bearings with First Line

FIRST LINE highlights the technological evolution of wheel bearings and the opportunities that follow.

Wheel hub technology is developing quickly to cater for the ever-increasing requirements needed to control the modern vehicle and keep it safe. With weight saving and safety being the driving forces, manufacturers are constantly looking at new ways to reengineer the system. First Line continues to stay abreast of these trends to ensure that motor factors and installers are well-prepared, when the technologies hit the aftermarket.


Wheel bearing designs have changed significantly over the past decade. The original single-row ball/taper roller bearings have undergone three generations of evolution to cater for the advancement of automotive technology today.


Single Row Ball Bearing

Single Row Ball Bearing

Typical used in solid (driven) axle applications like the early Ford Transits and MG Midget. Thus, not commonly used now.

Single Row Taper Bearing

Single Row Taper Bearing

Used in non-driven axle applications such as Mercedes C-Class (front) and Volkswagen Polo (Rear).


Dual Row Angular Contact Ball / Dual Row Taper Roller Bearing

Dual Row Angular Contact (DAC) Ball / Dual Row Taper Roller Bearing

Suitable for both driven and non-driven axle vehicles like Ford Ka and Volkswagen Golf.


Single Flange Hub

Single Flange Hub

The bearing has either a wheel/drive flange or mounting flange integrated with a dual row ball/taper bearing. These are commonly found in the Audi A4 or Honda Civic.


Single Flange Hub

Single Flange Hub

The drive flange is integrated with the inner race. It must be pressed in on the outer race (special tool required) and can be used with or without a locking ring. These are found in current models of Ford Focus, Volvo C30.


Double Flange Hub

Double Flange Hub

The latest designs have either a double row ball/taper roller bearing and usually come with an ABS sensor built in. With a thicker flange, the races have different diameters or even different types of element (e.g. ball or roller). A larger outer race allows the fitment of more rolling elements to improve stiffness. The latest of the generation 3 hub reduces brake caliper ‘knock-back’ to improve braking performance. These are fitted in Vauxhall Insignias, Toyota Avensis and Ford Mondeos.

What to Expect in the Box

First Line ensures that they provide the aftermarket with quality bearings that are manufactured in accordance to the highest of standards.

To help ensure that replacements are made correctly and precisely, First Line provides complete kit solutions rather than single bearings. As a standard, First Line wheel bearing kits include necessary components which may not be included in the OE or competitor equivalent.

The wheel bearings are pre-lubricated and may come with an additional grease sachet, where applicable.

First Line’s commitment towards providing comprehensive and easy to follow solutions are reflected in the extensive catalogue which contains technical data, cross references and images of kit contents with pictoral identifies for vehicle models for ease of identification and installation.


Comprehensive Warranty with First Line

Equipped with a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty, First Line wheel bearings are available from FPS via same/next-day delivery. For more information, please speak to your local FPS representative.


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