Engine Management: A Multi-Tiered Programme to Suit All

Maximise your application coverage with our well-rounded engine management programme.

Vehicle electronics form an essential part of any vehicle’s service schedule. We recognise the market potential and offer a programme encompassing a wide choice of brands with quality products and an extensive coverage. Our exhaustive inventory suits every customer’s needs. The range offers premium OE parts for new and expensive vehicles; to alternative-priced parts suited to customers wanting to keep service costs low without compromising on quality. Also, on offer are specialist parts to fill in gaps and cover niche applications.


•  Engine management systems are an integral part of vehicle maintenance.
•  A range of premium, OE quality and fast-moving parts available.
•  A comprehensive programme offering multiple market leading brands.
•  Widest application coverage across various price points to suit every customer’s needs.
•  Distress solution and wide selection of niche parts available.
•  All engine management parts available same/next-day and supported by our superb logistics.
•  The whole programme is available to order on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat+.
•  Regular updates on range developments are available to aid stock management.

Key to Good Sales

Whilst the domain of the engine management system is pretty vast, an understanding of some key product groups renders factors with a substantial opportunity to enhance their business in this sector.

1,100+ ABS Sensors

Same/next-day delivery for almost any application, with Cambiare covering over 22m vehicles on the UK roads. Alongside, parts from OE supplier Bosch ensure maximum application coverage.

1,900+ Lambda Sensors

We carry a broad range of lambda sensors, with OE supplier NGK complemented by Bosch and OE quality aftermarket supplier Cambiare. Moreover, NGK offers a warranty that covers the service life of each product.

1,000+ Ignition Coils

The comprehensive range of ignition coils comprises popular brands Cambiare and Bosch.

270+ EGR Valves

This is a premium brand offering from Pierburg which is well supported by an alternative OE quality offering from Cambiare.

1,250+ Fuel Line

The extensive range includes fuel pumps, feed units and injectors and comprises 350+ parts from Cambiare, covering 14m+ vehicles on the UK roads. This is further bolstered with additional product offerings from Pierburg, Bosch and Blue Print.

1,000+ Engine Position Sensors

This includes a wide range of camshaft and crankshaft position sensors from Bosch, Intermotor, Blueprint and febi. Further to this are Cambiare’s OE quality parts, covering 26.4m+ vehicles on the UK roads.

550+ Air Mass Sensors

Covering both old and new applications, more than 120 part numbers come from Cambiare alone, covering 9m+ vehicles on the UK roads. The remainder AMS come from Bosch, Pierburg and Intermotor.

750+ Body & Panel Switches

The substantial range includes brake light, reverse light and clutch control switches, amongst others from Cambiare, Blue Print, Intermotor and Vemo.

690+ Temperature Switches & Sensors

Spearheaded by Cambiare’s extensive OE quality range and complemented by Bosch, Intermotor and First Line.

145+ Exhaust Gas Temperature & Pressure Sensors

Introduced in 2014, the group is covered by Cambiare, NGK, Bosch and febi, with plans to develop the range further.

Covering all aspects

Bosch, our premium tiered partner provides the highest levels of quality, reliability and manufacture. Also, providing the assurance that the parts will work to the exacting tolerances demanded of them. As the world’s largest manufacturer and OE supplier of many automotive systems, they can, in turn, guarantee a prolonged service life and genuine quality on replacement parts. The range is complemented by Pierburg, providing high-quality parts for both conventional and alternative drives. For instance, components such as electric coolant pumps, valves and actuators are important components for the thermo-management of electric and hybrid engines.

Providing a strong support to our premium engine management portfolio is Cambiare – a credible programme that affords OE quality replacement parts at a competitive price point to the aftermarket. Cambiare has established itself as a market-leading brand and an ever-increasing range and application coverage. Cambiare are often the ‘first-to-the-UK-aftermarket’ to supply parts for new models from premium marques like BMW, Jaguar and Porsche. With a user-friendly website and technical hotline, Cambiare is well-supported by our market leading service and complemented by Intermotor that offers an extensive mid-tier offering.

The programme also encompasses Blue Print, NGK, febi and Vemo, all supported by our excellent stock and logistics.

Please speak to your local FPS representative for more information on our exhaustive engine management programme.