Electric-Life Double Bowden System

The Electric-Life window regulators range has been extended

Open a window of opportunity with Electric-Life window regulators now available from FPS.

Introduced to the FPS portfolio early this year, the Electric-Life window regulators range has recently been extended with a further 24 fast moving parts. New to range references include the rear window regulator (part no. ZRLR23) for the Land Rover Freelander; a part which has a particularly high failure rate. This part, along with many other popular applications, is available same-day. The Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Meriva & Vectra, as well as VW Polo are further applications covered by the new introductions.

Window Regulator Failure

Largely, window regulators fail due to the failure of the plastic sliders. These sliders are connected to the Bowden cable and slide on the rails, moving the glass up and down. Damage to this plastic part is often caused by the car door being slammed while the window is not completely closed or open, resulting in the Bowden cable losing its tension, twisting around the cable drum and jamming the complete mechanism. Failures also occur during the winter months, usually as a result of misuse, when the lowering of the window is used to demist or deice the windows.

Want to know more about Electric-Life window regulators?

Electric-life window regulators are supplied by one of Europe’s leading OE manufacturers of window regulators and have many benefits:

  • Excellent UK car parc coverage
  • Range includes complete units, as well as mechanism only parts
  • Range covers all 4 technologies, from the most commonly used to the latest technologies-Bowden, Double Bowden, Scissor and Cable
  • Detailed fitting instructions in each box

For further information on Electric-Life window regulators click here, or speak to your local FPS Representative to see how you can benefit from the Electric-Life offering.



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