What you need to know about ECE R90 Compliant Brake Discs

In November 2014, it became mandatory for brake discs on all heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs), including buses and trailers, manufactured and sold across Europe, to meet the minimum standards outlined in the ECE R90 legislation.

What is the R90 Regulation?

ECE Regulation 90 – abbreviated ECE R90- specifies the design, construction, performance requirements and test protocols for automotive replacement parts. Originally introduced for brake linings, the regulations are being expanded to include brake discs and drums. This stipulates the deviation characteristics on a replacement part to within a prescribed tolerance (15%) of the OE part it intends to replace. It sets a minimum level for product strength and demands routine measurement of key performance parameters during production, ensuring conformity with original testing.

TRW Compliance

Provided they are universally enforced and policed, ECE R90 will make it much harder for sub-standard and counterfeit products to reach the market and compromise driver safety. TRW is among the global leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of braking components, systems and technologies. They have been an active member of the group leading the enforcement of these regulations, intended to improve road and automotive safety.

Adherence to any form of certification involves a great deal of preparation, investment and commitment. TRW works closely with industry bodies to encourage Governments to enforce stricter road safety targets and introduce more robust and widespread quality standards.

TRW itself is one of the few aftermarket manufacturers to have its own dynamometer capabilities. This allows for first-hand process control instead of relying on third party testing facilities.

1999 saw the introduction of R90 for brake pads and shoes, where TRW had a comprehensive offering in compliance with the regulation. By setting its internal specification to exceed legislation, TRW is already at the helm of ECE R90 with its comprehensive range of 1,300 OE quality brake discs. TRW also offers the Perfect Match 3 year/36,000 mile warranty to installers using both the TRW pads and discs together. This value added offer does, however, require validation by registering on the TRW web site.

More in Store

Global road safety necessitates that all components within a vehicle are governed by adequate safety and quality guidelines. As a firm advocate of mass communication of the safety message through its campaigns, TRW is actively urging for the minimum quality standards to become the norm across the whole range of safety critical automotive parts. With effect from November 2016, this rule will also be applicable to CV drums plus passenger car discs and drums. FPS stocks the extensive range of ECE R90 compliant premium brake discs from TRW, available for same and next-day delivery.

For more information on the range or ECE R90 regulation and its effect on brake disc quality, please speak to your local FPS representative or visit the F:Drive.


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