Dehumidification – Why it is important to get the right product

What makes ThoMar airdry the premium choice for dehumidification in the market?

Improving In-Car Conditions

Misted windscreens are not just a nuisance during the wet and cold months; they can be quite dangerous too. Drivers could easily overlook pedestrians, cyclists or other motorists and wiping the windscreen can leave streaks, often blinding the driver even more in the low winter sun. It is therefore better to get to the root of the problem: avoiding the condensation of moisture in a vehicle. Improving such conditions within a vehicle can also have a significant impact on allergy sufferers due to the prevention of mould.

airdry, manufactured by German desiccant specialist ThoMar is the premium choice of dehumidifier for cars, bikes, homes, motorhomes, caravans and boats. airdry attracts moisture from the air in the vehicle, storing it safely within its natural granules.

Protection Against

• Misted up windows
• Mildew and mould stains
• Damage to electrics
• Rust
• Bad odours

A Better Choice

Whilst the market currently offers numerous moisture absorbers, airdry has been especially designed for use in vehicles. A recently conducted test shows how airdry compares significantly better than its competitors:


• Effective: the highest absorption capacity at 80% of its own weight.

• Long-Lasting: lasts up to 4 months in a single cycle without needing regeneration. The bag is robust and made to last.

• Re-Usable: can simply be dried out upon saturation on a radiator or in an airing cupboard and has the ability to last the life of the vehicle without losing its effectiveness with time.

• Drip-Proof: stores moisture inside the bag, even on saturation. Unlike other car dehumidifiers, airdrys lower side is made of foil, making leakage impossible onto surrounding objects.

• Compact: the right weight, size and ingredients, chosen by ThoMar based on its extensive experience in keeping cargo containers dry, effectively prevents condensation in a vehicle.

• Environmentally Friendly: contains natural granules including fired clay (not activated clay), salt & starch that curtail any danger to the environment, should the bag break. It can be disposed of with regular waste.

Extended Range

Besides the CLASSIC 1kg pack, airdry is also available in two scented versions: VANILLA FRESH and ICE FRESH. Additionally, there is a DUO twin pack and the BIKE version that emits a VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) to further protect motorbikes during winterisation.

airdry from ThoMar is exclusively available in the UK through FPS on next-day delivery.


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