Increase Driver Safety & Vehicle Performance with a Full Braking Replacement

Braymann explains the importance of replacing braking accessories alongside brake pads and shoes to ensure driver safety and maximise vehicle performance.

Poor road conditions and a consistent increase in the ageing car parc in the UK have led to the automotive aftermarket experiencing an annual rise in the sale of braking components and accessories. Although there is no set interval for braking replacement, brakes are a serviceable item and should be monitored frequently.

Wear & Tear of Braking Parts

Driving style, heavy loads, traffic and the environment play a huge role in the wear and tear of braking parts. Workshops should bear in mind that when replacing pads or shoes, it is also essential to replace the accessories, such as caliper bolts, springs and adjusters since these parts would have gone through a similar, if not longer life-span as the part that is being replaced.

Did you know?

In the first two years of fitment,

  • Tension in the pad fitting clip is reduced by up to 50%
  • Spring tension in the show is reduced by up to 30%

Other elements that tend to get missed when changing a pad are the caliper bolts and boots. These have been on the vehicle for as long as the pads, if not longer and can rust, deform and wear over time. Often, garages tend to only clean them during pad replacement but that only hides the problem instead of diminishing it. The best practice is to replace them at the same time as the pads. This way, the caliper is less likely to seize or bind and the friction parts will wear as intended, as part of the complete system.

Optimum Performance with Braymann

With driver safety at the forefront of its programme, the Braymann offering is manufactured to OE specifications and guarantees optimum performance. As well as providing the comprehensive range of OE quality brake pads and shoes, the portfolio includes over 140 wear leads, more than 500 fitting kits for pads and shoes as well as 50 adjusters and over 130 caliper kits. This proves to be an excellent cross-selling opportunity for factors for friction parts that do not include accessories.

Braymann continues to develop the range and has recently introduced 53 new parts, comprising 18 pad fitting kits, 9 shoe fitting kits, 8 wear indicators and 18 caliper kits and covering over 1.7m vehicles on the UK roads. All Braymann parts are catalogued on MAM Autocat and the F:Drive and are backed by FPS’ exclusive stock and logistics, making it a dependable brand that offers a comprehensive, quality portfolio to suit all friction needs.

Testing & Quality

Braymann is well-recognised in the aftermarket as a mid-tier braking range offering OE quality replacement parts. All products undergo stringent quality tests, such as dynamometer and alpine testing and conform to various industry regulations, such as ECE R90, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Moreover, Braymann has a dedicated and qualified team offering technical support via its helpline (0844 346 0655) as well as an up-to-date, user-friendly website (


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