BTN Turbo OEM New and OEM Remanufactured Turbos

OEM First Fit vs. OEM Remanufactured Turbos

The demand for OEM remanufactured turbochargers is thriving and highly competitive. BTN Turbos are now available from FPS via same-day delivery.

Whilst many motorists may find themselves swayed by the price of turbos, it is important to remember that this may come at a cost with varying quality standards. Being built to operate at high pressures and endure searing temperatures, turbos should always be obtained from a trusted OE supplier.

What’s the Difference between OE New and OE Remanufactured Turbos?

BTN Turbo offers the aftermarket brand new OEM First Fit Turbos and OEM remanufactured turbos. This provides the aftermarket with a choice, based on their preferences.

OEM New First Fit Turbos

OE First Fit Turbos are straight from the manufacturer’s production line, exactly as fitted to new vehicles and sold from a main franchise dealers. BTN First Fit turbos do not incur a surcharge.

OEM Remanufactured Turbos

BTN remanufactured turbos are supplied through their exclusive OMX exchange programme, and offer savings of up to 40% compared to an equivalent new unit. Direct from the original manufacturer, using only genuine OE components, BTN Reman turbos are fully tested to the original specification. There is a £140 surcharge which is refunded on the return of the old unit.

Whilst there are other suppliers of remanufactured turbos in the aftermarket that may sell at a lower price point, not all of them observe the same OE standards. BTN’s OMX exchange programme provides the assurance that the turbos have been remanufactured under the most stringent protocols.

All BTN turbos are supplied with a FitKit that comprises an oil-filled, pre-priming syringe and critical instructions where needed.

BTN Turbo FitKit

Why Do Turbos Fail?

OE quality turbochargers are very reliable. Less than 1% of turbos fail due to a manufacturing fault. Most turbo failures stem from oil starvation, oil contamination or foreign object damage. Thus, installers are advised to identify what caused the first unit to fail, to avoid the risk of premature failure with the replacement.

Preventing Premature Turbo Failure

It is best practice for installers to closely observe the following guidelines to prevent premature turbo failure caused by oil starvation:

  • Avoid using silicone on oil gaskets. It can cause it to be easily detached and block oil passages.
  • Always check the oil pressure and oil supply to the turbo.
  • Replace the oil feed pipe, strainer, filter and use fresh oil as recommended by the engine manufacturer when fitting a new turbo.


It is mandatory to install a new oil feed pipe and strainer when replacing the turbo for the PSA 1.6 HDi engine. This is because, the turbo unit tends to fail if the ancillaries are not replaced. As a result, the standard 2-year warranty will be voided if the oil feed pipe and oil strainer is not replaced with the unit.

Warning Triangle

Comprehensive Range from BTN Turbo

BTN also offers an expanding range of oil feed pipes that now covers over 200 applications, as well as oil strainers. This presents an invaluable upsell opportunity to motor factors as it saves customers the hassle of sourcing the components separately. Speak to your local FPS representative for more information.

BTN Oil Feed Pipes



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