Demistifying Humidity Issues With ThoMar

The extensive range of dehumidifiers from ThoMar are perfect for use in-vehicles.

The exteriors of today’s vehicles are very well protected against moisture and humidity, but not the interiors. Upholstery, plastics, and more importantly the electronics are very sensitive to humidity and exhibit corrosion, fungal growth, mould stains and musty odours.

Motorists experience a further nuisance in winter: obstructed visibility owing to misted-up windscreens, something that even an air-con has problems to curb. Wiping the windscreen leaves streaks that affect vision in the low winter sun.

The high humidity condition in the car accelerates the process of corrosion of metal parts, causing rust and discolouration.

ThoMar’s Air Dry and Multi Dry dehumidifiers effectively protect vehicles, caravans, motorbikes and trailers from the damaging effects of excess moisture.

Air Dry

• Part No: 604.060 • Weight: 1 kg • Dimensions: 35 x 16 x 9cm* • Moisture absorption: 600ml* (*Approximate measurements)

Small and light, the Air Dry dehumidifier fits easily and unobtrusively in vehicles. Whether on dashboards, in foot wells, on back seats, parcel shelves or even inside the car boot, this little product does a big job. The innovative pillow design is durable and absorbs water through a salt and clay formula packed inside. These natural storage granules are highly absorbent, locking moisture within the pillow until dried in sunlight or by a radiator.

Unlike conventional salt-dripping systems, there is no risk of spillage that can cause further damage to furnishings or the body of the car. Its non-harmful, absorbent granules means Air Dry is safe to use around children and pets. Designed specifically for use in vehicles, the discreet, grey-coloured pillow is effective for 3-4 months at a time. The bag consists of a felt-like fabric on the top that absorbs moisture and a coated fabric at the base, which prevents the transfer of moisture below.

Multi Dry

• Part No: 601.020 • Weight: 1kg • Dimensions: 35 x 16 x 9 cm* • Moisture absorption: 600ml* (*Approximate measurements)

Multi Dry is so called for its high-performance results in various environments. Developed initially for home applications, this dehumidifier can also be used in caravans, trailers, vehicles and boats. The Multi Dry dehumidifier has a long, bag-shaped design which can be hung or placed horizontally or vertically in a number of places and is effective in areas of very high humidity. The degree of saturation can be determined by weighing the bag – the maximum capacity is reached when the bag weighs 1.6kg.

Depending on humidity and temperature, the dehumidification function is effective for 2-4 months for an area of about 35m³. The natural, odourless granules absorb water content in the air effectively.

These easy-to-use and extremely safe products help in keeping your vehicle interiors dry and smelling fresh. Furthermore, they can be regenerated (eg: on a radiator) over and over, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to all sorts of humidity-related problems.

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