Goetze Cylinder Liners

How Cylinder Liners Play a Role in Engine Efficiency

Cylinder liners are small but significant as they affect a vehicle’s energy efficiency and emissions, Goetze explains.

Around 15% of total energy loss in an engine is attributed to mechanical power loss. Approximately half of this loss is caused by friction in the piston-liner system. Thus, the smoother the cylinder liner, the more efficient the engine, and the lower the emissions.

How Goetze Cylinder Liners Help Lower Emissions

Goetze has continually led the way in cylinder liner development and innovation for a number of years. Advanced manufacturing technology is used to build liners with a special alloy. This provides superior bonding, reduced distortion and improved oil economy. The liners are finely ground and bore machined with micron precision. This ensures exceptional smoothness and minimum friction.

The improved strength of Goetze cylinder liners presents benefits such as, excellent run-in and high oil retention. At the same time, ring and bore wear are reduced, helping to deliver optimum performance, even in extreme running conditions.

Finally, Goetze liners help lower emissions due to their high conformity, superior heat dissipation and exceptionally smooth surface topography.

Goetze Engine Applications

More than 350 Goetze cylinder liners are available from FPS. Each liner provides a perfect fit for more than 6,000 different engine applications. The range is manufactured to OE specifications and designed to function at their optimum when combined with Goetze piston rings.

Working together, these two components create a reliable seal which cuts emissions by minimising friction and lowering oil consumption, even in the most aggressive operating conditions. This in turn, helps prolong engine life.

Easy to Find with the New Goetze Cylinder Liner Catalogue

The 2016-2017 edition of the Goetze cylinder liner catalogue is a significant update from its predecessor that was published in 2003, by Federal-Mogul. This imperative update was timely because of the expanding number of cylinder liners available in the aftermarket today.

The 430-page catalogue features over 900 additional TecDoc engine links that are referenced with the Federal-Mogul classification and index system to make it quicker and easier to locate the right liner. The Goetze cylinder liner catalogue is published in digital format to provide the user the option to print in full, or select the most relevant pages to print.

Quality in Authenticity

Goetze recognises the threat of unscrupulous product counterfeiting. As a result, Goetze takes extensive measures to protect customers. Customers are strongly advised to ensure that the packaging is sealed with a label. The unique alphanumeric code and data matrix code is provided to help customers verify the authenticity. Furthermore, the security code on the PrioSpot® label should match the last four digits of the alphanumeric code.

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