Customer Satisfaction Survey. The results are in.

In general, you think we’re doing a good job, however, there is still room for improvement.

Over the past year, we have asked for your opinions on seven key areas of the business, including call handling, personal selling, complaint handling, delivery, availability, technical & warranty and overall service.

In general, you think we’re doing a good job, giving us an average score of 7.5/10. However, there is still room for improvement. Taking your comments on board we have identified areas where we can deliver improved customer satisfaction. Outlined below are some of the projects that have already been put into action, with more planned in the coming months.



97% of you rated our stock availability as good or excellent, but some suggested making more products available same day.

To put more stock closer to you, we recently invested an additional £1.5 million stock across selected ‘super’ branches to significantly increase our local Pareto coverage to 90% and over.


We have improved the Warranty process, with a strong focus placed on reducing the time it takes to process warranties from start to finish.

Working with suppliers we have delivered an 80% reduction in timescales since the launch of this initiative.


In response to feedback we have completed an audit of cross-references with over 1.4 million references reviewed.

In addition to this 150,000 cross references and 100,000 OE numbers have been added to the F:Drive in the last 12 months.


Our extensive product range has been extended to meet even more of your needs.

In the last year alone, we have introduced a pre-1980’s catalogue covering 5,000 applications, an additional 9,000 unique and niche parts and more recently a HGV catalogue covering 6,000 applications.


When asked which areas we should focus on developing, communication came out as a high priority.

We recently revamped our monthly newsletter – Newsdesk, and are reviewing how we equip staff with the latest information on products and promotions.


We received a number of comments on packaging, from the amount used, to increased tamper-proof evidence.

This is an area which is under review and we are currently working on a program to push tamper proof packaging across more suppliers.


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