The True Cost of a Spill

Explore the Ecospill range for spill management in the workplace.

The safe management of an oil or chemical spillage is critically important, especially as responsibilities towards pollution control increases. Companies need quick, effective solutions to absorb spillages to prevent dangerous situations and negative impacts on the environment.

It is essential that spill kits are placed on site in order to comply with the Pollution Prevention guidelines (PPGs) and Oil Storage Regulations, as set out by the Environmental Agency, which provides good practice towards employee health and safety. These guidelines ensure that companies manage their environmental responsibilities safely and correctly to comply with the law.

In order to help your garage customers meet these legal requirements, the Ecospill range of spill management products is now available through us. The product range features market leading and technologically advanced absorbents and spill kits. Not just suitable for selling-on, the range is also the perfect solution to help your workplace meet these same legislations.

Absorbents are available in high performance polypropylene and also in environmentally friendly, recycled and natural fibre materials. Absorbents are now the preferred way of containing and recovering spillages. They are much lighter, quicker to absorb and more cost effective to purchase and expose of, than granules.
• Oil absorbents, specially designed for outdoor and year-round usage, absorb any oil or fuel-based contaminants, whether diluted or not.
• Maintenance absorbents are better suited to indoor spillages, absorbing oil, coolant, anti-freeze and water-based spills in workshops, etc.

Fast-acting and highly absorbent, they are available in sheets, pads, rolls, socks, pillows, booms and drum tops.

Ecospill Kits
Ecospill kits feature everything needed to contain and recover a spill including instructions and guidance on disposal. Oil-only, maintenance and chemical types are available, with environmentally friendly, sustainable fibre absorbents as an option. Kits range from portable versions (ideal for having on-board delivery vehicles), to larger wheeled and static plastic bin varieties (perfect for workshop or factory floor locations).

Chemical Absorbent Kits
Chemical absorbent kits are critical for chemical or toxic spills which require tough inert absorbents. Chemical spills can be extremely hazardous and should not be cleaned up without the correct training and protective equipment.

We supply a comprehensive range of spill control solutions for almost any fluid, including oil, maintenance and chemical spills.


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